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  • Hi everyone

    my game is almost finish, and i want a list of questions to ask the game tester's.

    I searched the web trying to find any list of questions, but i didn't get any.

    Anyone have information on this issue, will help me alot.

    Best regards

  • Any help...

  • I think did beta testing for someone before, maybe you could ask him some advices on that.

    Also it is a rather hard question to awnser, at the end maybe something like:

    Does it take long to load in your opinion?

    Does controls respond well?

    Were there some parts unbalanced in your opinion (like too easy or too hard for a certain point of the game)?

    Would you play it again?

    Do you think menus are easy enough to navigate?

    Did anything that you would not expect happened in the game (not story wise)?

    Or something line this

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  • Good points, thank's alot.

    • was it easy to use
    • was it easy to understand
    • was it responsive
    • was it enjoyable
    • was it nice to look at
    • did the controls make sense
    • did the navigation make sense
    • did the game make sense
    • did the graphics glitch, if so when, how, what did you do
    • did the game stutter
    • did the game freeze at any point, if so, how, what did you do
    • was all text viewable

    you can get down to it like this too:

    • was menu x at the center
    • was menu x positioned at y
    • did picture x appear when you y

    There are many questions to ask. you need to build test cases. If you just throw the game at a tester and say test it, you might not like the results.

  • Good questions.

    I think using numbers from 1 to 5 for the answers is better than using yes or no.

  • Where does one find people willing to beta test?

  • Jase00 Forums, IRC, Skype, friends, etc?

  • alvarop I'm not sure still, I don't know what forums to go to, what IRC channels to go on. Skype would be useful once I find people to communicate with, and I don't really have a massive amount of friends that are in to games. ;(

  • Construct2 IRC channel, Ludum dare's or TIGSource. This forum... I'm sure you can get a bunch of people testing your stuff and giving you feedback. You add them to Skype, give them builds and ask them. I tend to test stuff, it really helps me learn how to make my own games and build a relationship with the people that are making games. It's a win-win situation, really.

  • Jase00 there's a small bunch of C2 users on Skype: it's a chat group for C2, if you'd like to join, then simply open your Skype, and post this link inside the chat box (while you chat to anyone) and click on it within Skype:


    If you can't join just send me a PM with your Skype username so we could sorti it out, oh and everyone is invited :p

  • I'd recommend friends and family for the initial batch of tests. Once you've adjusted your game based on that feedback, there are groups like the IDGA and other indie developer groups that either will have people who can playtest, or will actually run playtest events.

  • Groups and friends is a good idea to test your game, But to find bugs you need a real game tester especially if the game is big.

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