Game size: Question to developers

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  • 100-300MB is a convenient indie game size, i think. Eschalons Book II. was around that, if i remember correctly. Good sprite animations, 8-12 frames each for 8 direction-movement isometric and longer static object animations, talking NPC faces like in Fallout 1 or 2 could take up space. Now these are a lot of work and time and energy.

    Construct 2 wasn't designed to PC hard disk, but for mobile devices and web.

    Maybe i should re-wire my mind to mobile phone and web file-size strategy and make something in tiny size. It's just i want to create something good looking and serious. Couldn't digest this situation so far.

    I was following the old mentality: fully downloadable game and installer to "C:\games\". Is it out of question for Construct 2?

  • Theoretically, eventually a 300MB downloadable game with both the staged level loader Ashley mentioned and a HTML5 wrapper shouldn't be a problem, because it can load stuff on the fly instead of all at once.

  • The staged level loader could be the solution. Until then i want one build out till feb. 29.

    Began thinking in tiny 10-20MB size requirements. Every situation has a solution. It should be tiny game giving a different, fresh experience. Seeing the speed of WebGL my mind lurched forward in time dreaming about Construct 1 effects. But maybe something can be invented even with few particles and combining tiny 3D objects. Will check out possible routes after 29th.

  • I was following the old mentality: fully downloadable game and installer to "C:\games\". Is it out of question for Construct 2?

    As it is, right out of the box, it isn't really.

    Now there are ways you could still do it.

    Wrappers were notified but are still not up to it.

    A possible "better" solution could be to provide localhosting on the user's computer. Like he downloads/install a full archive, which is made of the exported project, a localhost executable (ex: mongoose introduced in the forum by chrisbrobs at first) and a .bat file (?) that will launch the mongoose executable as well as go to the local url, launching the default browser in the process.

    It needs more refining to be a "working" solution, but I think the idea is there and you could very well, relying on the browser, have a local execution/application in the spirit you were talking about.

  • There should be software that prepares yer computer to play HTML5 games offline or something. The average user cannot be bothered to go thru all that trouble. Also, browser independence it's something I'd love to see.

  • When you set your game to be playable offline doesn't it download to your C drive. It seems to do that with my game on the chrome store. You buy/install it and it downloads(like an exe), and then launches from a shortcut(like an exe).

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  • I would say you have a much bigger concern with the amount of RAM your 100MB game will use. Because C2 puts everything in RAM all at once your game sprites become uncompressed to RAM. This means all those tiny .png files become gigantic 32bit BMP file into RAM. 100MB of compressed files could easily turn into 4 or 10 gigs of RAM.

  • ???

    That sounds extreme...

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