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  • Hello C2 community. As things are I am planning to do a kickstarter project by the end of March(demo permitting). I have had a game in design for a while now, but was put on hold because of effort from not being ready to do the multiplayer server infrastructure.

    However now that the magnificent Ashley is doing Multiplayer infrastructure by handling all the difficult parts. I'm reconsidering of taking my MP game off hold and actually kicking it into development. I would though like to get the wonderful C2 communities opionion of which Kickstarter game I should go with.

    Game One

    I have been developing tools in unit testing design for the last couple of months to gear up for this project. The game idea is a compilation of mini-games handled by a resource based game. To add more details it's a single player meant for mobile devices and FB. Players run an organization that has agents as resources. Agents have a small set of skills. The player sends agents towards locations that have time generated missions. More agents on any given mission usually determine a number failurs the player is allowed. Agents skills can enhance efforts in the mini game(ie Parkour will offer a jump bonus in a canabalt like game, Research offers bonuses towards a Match3 game, Fighting offers damage bonus towards a Punch Out/Infinity blade like game). As players win or succeed they gain small amounts of cash, but also determine a "monthly" funding. Players with more money can hire more agents or get equipment to better agent skills. There are a few social features, but that's the premise of the game. This game was on the books to create a sample demo in March.

    But as I was saying now with viable Multiplayer features and a beta likely out in 2ish weeks. It's time to reconsider. So on we go to

    Game Two

    Players play in a 1 to 5 player "dungeon delving" game(actually it's in space). Players play 1 character part of a team(minimum of 1) that goes to scavenge/salvage/loot derelict space ships, stations, mining asteroids... Let me add some details to carry some of the experience i'm looking for. Players play can develop there characters skill, buy or find gear. The game will use Spriter so that gear will have appearance changes.

    Gameplay or more specifically game mechanics use a more table top model. Dice range from d4,6,8,10,12. Dice have more than just numerical values they also have resources. These resources are used to boost effectiveness, trigger special abilities and such. The dice used for any given action is dependent on action. Skill offers 1 die based on skill level(1 to 5), and gear offers 1 die based on gear quality(1 to 5), and 1 die from from the characters Rank(1 to 5). Dice come in a few resource types. Dice are earned by much harder and rarer means(ie special achievements, special quests). As an example a Green die could be considered a energy die which could reduce weapon power usage or possible create a surplus, a red die type would increase performance out(ie damage or increase defense), a blue die would produce better odds to trigger special abilities of someone on the team. Players stack there dice before they go into the "dungeon". Once in the dungeon they need to stick with the results of their choices.

    The game mostly revolves around searching dungeons/Derelicts. Lastly the last part of all of this is what I feel makes the difference. Players and their friends can form Derelict Diving teams. A team can pool their money to purchase a expensive space fairing ship. The ship is customizable and represents a team shared collaborative game place. When players own there own ship the game opens up. Players can freely travel the galaxy, players can come across random encounters, take on designed monthly scenarios.

    The ship as mentioned in a previous section is important to the game. Random games run off the idea that ship is "rented". rented ships have less storage space for salvaged items from derelicts. rented ships never have random encounters and players pay higher fee's to search for salvage derelicts.

    this game is going to be created with C2

  • The dungeon crawler sounds marketable. It's got your own twist on it but it's not weird or bizarre enough to throw KIckstarter backers off. Do you do your own art or do you have an artist? How about music? If you're going to have a successful Kickstarter campaign, I've observed this:

    1. Dev blogs help

    2. A nice list of previous games, even small indie ones on Newgrounds or somewhere else, can help (as long as the games don't suck!)

    3. Having an awesome sense of art direction helps

    4. Having awesome music samples helps

    5. Having a well-edited video helps

    And of course beyond that the rest is common sense. T-shirts, in-game exclusives for backers, and other incentives to back. It'd also help if you could get a decent amount of publicity on Steam Greenlight before you make your campaign. If you're going to do Kickstarter, you'd best have a very complete sense of your game design. For me, I have game design ADD. I cannot stay focused on one game. I rarely finish my games because I have another "great" idea, and then I follow that until I reach my second or third dead-end. I'm still a newbie though, but I have friends who ran successful Kickstarter campaigns, so I know what they tell me.

    You might also reach out to the team responsible for Our Darker Purpose: as yet the only game made on C2 that has been Greenlit on Steam. They also had a successful Kickstarter, so my guess is you could learn a lot from them if they were willing to spill the beans.

    Best of luck!

  • Sounds definitely interesting. For second one I'd like to see something extra. Something that gives the players interest over (and similar) that allows tabletop like gaming over net. Of course good sounds and animations do a lot, but I think there's need a lot of stories, quests and other attractions that must be prepared, and tested well.

    As a comparision of successfull Kickstarter.. The Shadowrun (which was legendary brand and turn based isometric) game did get quite bad reviews since the final game storyline was quite weak and short. They are now releasing a first extension pack to it, but I'm not sure if it's something most people are willing to pay (again).

  • teacherpeter

    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. Some of stretch goals and large donations are good ideas. Not so sure on the shirts though

    Instead of only showing a video; we feel that experience the core mechanics are the only way to convey how they will work. At some point a video is desired.

    I agree finding a good team is mandatory, finding a team that has the time and drive is also important.


    As for over the internet play. There is plans to develop the tabletop board game in tandem with the games core design. Modifying the important bits as neseccary. We don't want players wait and watching other players until there turn. Thought he idea of letting players design there own derelict is an idea.

    Stories are not a focus of this game. The core derelict diving is about the team collaberation experience(solo if prefered) in a more Diablo like style. There really wasn't a who lot. Our focus in regards to "stories" are short set of linked "dives" with a narrative briefing between "dungeons". These "story" scenarios are in fact meant to be high end challenges that offer rare dice.

    So there as Shadow Run(2end is on my game shelf, and have Return on Steam) was leveraging its rich history of RPG games behind. So if they don't deliver the game will get dinged by having dissapointment. our focus is a wrapper purpose why people do Derelict Dives, but focus on a more engaging game play. Well that's the intent anyways. Only people determine what's engaging. Descent 2ed is a great inspiration for the style mechanical play we are aiming at.

    more than that we want to convey a more randomized board game feel similar to munchkin quest. Random rooms, random events, random loot. Except active play.

    appreciate the feed back. I hope I clarified some of the goals for idea two some more.

  • Ok.. So you are more on making open ended game-playing platform for having user group created campaigns than stand alone multi player hack/slash Game? Sounds interesting.

  • Ok.. So you are more on making open ended game-playing platform for having user group created campaigns than stand alone multi player hack/slash Game? Sounds interesting.

    I'm not sure if I failed to communicate or we are saying the same thing but with a different set of defined meaning of words


    The game is designed around open ended gameplay rather than a defined structured stories. The design goal is more the feel board games where player groups build there own stories, but on a meta gaming level rather than a crafted one. So more like "Betrayal at House on the Hill " where the experience develops as they explore rather than Diablo3.

    However your proposition of user created levels and stories are a good idea. This will be examined for viability in regards to developement time and execution. Although it's far easier to be prepared for such development if the structure is in the first place. Either way this won't make into the demo for showing off

    As for Hack/Slash game play of that games like Diablo present. Well I like to consider that the dungeon is the enemy rather than the monsters. The dungeon just has facets of challenge in more hazards rather than just clicking on monsters to kill. The focus is on players are facing the trials of the "dungeon" for the player experience of a well oiled machine. rather than just the straight loot rewards of monster drops. The rewards for defeating the dungeon are taken as whole.

  • The trouble with Game One, is you've had trouble explaining it, or I've had trouble understanding your explanation. Anything which isn't clear is destined to fail.

  • jayderyu I'm quite open to admit that English ain't my native (technically it's my third) language so it's just quite likely I've goofed up somehow at communications.

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  • Joannak

    That's fine. English is my first and I'm not all that good and writing the language at all

  • In any case, I think you should go for the game that gets you more excited. As an indie, our games have to be selfish. We need to make games that WE love first, or your one-man-team will eventually fall apart due to disinterest and boredom.

  • teacherpeter

    That's a very good piece of advice certainly one to closely consider

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