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  • One of the games I'm working on at the moment is around 150 MB, almost all of which is images. Previously, when I previewed the game, it would take about 5-7 seconds to load. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, the game started taking about 25 seconds to load, and I am really stumped as to what might be causing this.

    Things I've tried in my efforts to solve this:

    • Restarting my computer.
    • Previewing on different browsers. (the problem happens on all of them)
    • Reverting to an older build of the game.
    • Reinstalling Construct 2.

    I didn't install anything new on my PC that might have caused the problem. From what I can recall, I closed Construct 2, ran one of my Steam games, closed the game, opened Construct 2 again, and the problem had started occurring.

    I don't seem to have any other problems with things loading slowly off the hard disk.

    When loading the game in Chrome, I see the "Waiting for localhost..." appear and disappear a bunch of times (if that means anything to anyone).

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