Game Idea: for C2 or Unity?

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  • Gameplay wise, the 2D/3D change is going to be by user input or automatic?

    Personally I'm thinking about switching from something R-Type like to Space Harrier. No idea why, but it seems cool enough =P

    The switch between perspectives would be primarily user-input. Though, there's no telling that I wouldn't include moments where it's automatic. But I have no current mind to do that. For now, it's strictly upon user command.

  • digera - Honestly, I have trouble following C2 explanations in strictly text. But I do see the benefit of using arrays. I'm going to look into that.

    And thank you for the encouragement! I'm still working on my first game for now, so it'll be a while before I truly try to tackle this space shooter game I have in mind. I will SURELY make sure everyone is updated when I get back to this project I'm asking about.

    Zero6 - GAAAH!!! That's...that's...That's almost EXACTLY what I have in mind. There is a minor difference: for MY game, I picture the top down view being like Galaga, where the player is at the bottom of the screen and the enemies engage from the top. So while what you shared here is...pretty much...what I'm working towards, there is a subtle difference.

    .....and there's still one thing I have up my sleeve that even Revolver360 doesn't have: and that's my secret weapon.

    Valerien - Right. The 3D space will be a mock-up, of course, if I do it in C2. I'll have instance variables and/or arrays to keep track of mutual values between the two planes of perspective.

    R0J0hound - HOLY CRAP!!! That was awesome!!!

    It has been nearly 15 years since I was in calculus/trigonometry, but surely this will help me refresh my mind. Thank you so much!

  • I think I would go with Unity for this - it handles 3D natively. Good luck whatever you choose!

  • ChrisAlgoo - Thank you, sir. :) It's still a toss-up between whether I want to have this game take place in literal 3D space or not. The actual gameplay will be the flat 2D...soooo, still undecided.

  • Interesting game idea. I would also be inclined to use Unity 3d for this with the Playmaker plugin to handle the game logic. Depending on your plan you could use one or more orthographic cameras to render the 3d world without perspective (sort of 2d to the player).

  • Unity by far.

  • Unity by far.

    Why is that? :)

  • First, you have to think about your graphics. You are going to need a lot of them if you are going to be switching perspective. You will also need to be a great artist if you are going to draw your object "in-perspective."

    Also think how cool it would be if you could actually see the camera switch between perspective. It might be to confusing to just switch top-down to-side in an instant. I might not be explaining myself well.

    Please let me know if I make any sense, and I will try to explain better.



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  • Colludium - Aye. I've learned just a finger-full of how Unity works, and I think the multiple camera objects feature is its best selling point.

  • stevefromio - No, sir, you make a LOT of sense right there. GREAT points. While I'm not too worried about C2's ability to handle a lot of objects at once, I do see the point about switching perspectives fluidly.

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