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  • Are there any plans to eventually make Construct 2 so that it can create native programs for other platforms instead of relying on browsers for everything?

    I am primarily interested in Android, Kindle and the Meego platforms but any other platforms (such as Bada, Windows 7 and 8, Blackberry, etc...) would also be a welcome addition.


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  • I do believe that iOS and Android, already have their HTML5 going. It's just not up to par yet. It will get better.

  • What we are most likely to do is package the HTML5 runtime inside apps, so your app works identically everywhere. Also, as a tiny team, it means we don't have to spend months working on new runtimes and exporters for each mobile phone out there (iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc). HTML5 is getting very fast even on mobiles so I think this is will be good enough for games.

    We want to finish off features for the HTML5 runtime first, so any other platforms are probably some way off. However, there have been calls for an OpenGL/desktop runtime (like Classic). I suppose if HTML5 covers mobiles well, then we'd do that next.

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