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  • Monetisation is a different topic really, but we are aware we could be doing more in this area and plan to do something about it soon. Our understanding is that it's easier to make money through IAP than through advertising, so that's what we'd be looking at first.

    sell apps = iOS

    IAP = iOS

    Android needs serious ads...

  • I think until C2 gets some serious development effort into it's stability, it will remain a hobbyist tool. I am unable to use it longer than an hour without it locking up, or just plain refusing to close. It's frustrating and irritating to work with for extended periods. And it's not just me, there's a whole thread of peple complaining about this very issue, with little to no developer responses. It's way easier to prototype a game with it, and it's got a lot of great built-in behaviours but until it can run without locking up, I'll be using a different gaming engine full time, but keep my eye on this one.

  • I used to have problems with stability on versions about a year ago. But no problems at all for me now. I'm currently building small games for clients, so running C2 all day, everyday, without problems.

    Usually reload every couple of days are so, just out of habit really.

  • Thanks for the great replies everyone, much appreciated.

    I must say, it really is a plus to have one of the main devs post here, so thank you for that, Ashley.

    From what I can see, C2 still has a ways to go in some respects, however, I think it could fit my needs quite well in the near future. I have some flash projects to finish up and then I'll jump in and see what I can do with it. Maybe I'll try porting over some of my more financially successful games to HTML5 to test the waters (seeing as I already have all the assets and design work done) and learn how the eventsheet really works.

    From my perspective at this stage; I wouldn't make this my main toolset until there are more ways to turn a profit (especially from android ads). It is certainly on the right track though if this is something you're aiming for.

    Interesting to hear that about possible stability issues. I've played around with the free version quite a bit but haven't come across anything to serious yet.

    In terms of performance, I just tested a webgl project on one of my really old, low-end test laptops and it worked pretty well. Far better than Flash has ever achieved on that system anyway.

    Thanks again!

  • My co-developer and I have used C2 day in day out for months without any real stability issues. Sure, there have been some minor issues but nothing like wizaerd reports.

  • I'm making a big game in C2 and I've got a publisher, so I've made a decent ammount of money (enough to keep me going, buy new equipment, a business C2 license, etc).

    C2 is only a toy for kids if you want it to be; if you want to make a decent ammount of money you can't expect it to just drop from the heavens right into your lap. You have to make a decent app, publish it, advertise it, send it everywhere you have the chance. Last year when I started making my game I decided to take it seriously and built a prototype, then added it to Steam Greenlight, made a Devlog, posted it on a crowd-funding website, sent emails to video games magazines/websites/blogs from my country, I really went all in. The feedback was enough to get the attention of my publisher, so they contacted me and we've made a deal.

    Of course, I think most people want to build an app in 2 days and complain about how you didn't get rich when you posted it on the android market, but I don't think that's how it works.

  • Of course, I think most people want to build an app in 2 days and complain about how you didn't get rich when you posted it on the android market, but I don't think that's how it works.

    it's also about freedom. Not everyone wants to make terrible big app (willing to be 2nd Angry Birds) so those person should also have possibility to make money just like Java developers do (in case of Android: using effective mobile ad networks).

    today if you make Android app in Java - you get 2-6$ eCPM (so 2-6$ per 1000 ads) from leading mobile ad networks; if you make same app in Construct 2 for Android - you will get up to 1-2$ eCPM from AdMob (via CocoonJS, via MoPub). So from this perspective (Android apps) it is toy for kids :(

  • szymek I'm interested to know where you get the data comparing the eCPM of a java built app Vs a C2/CJS app. Is it objective or from your own experience?

    Our first app has had widely fluctuating eCPMs ($0.2-$5) which I base on the fact it has only had modest downloads and the data set is still too small to sample properly. Our fill rates are a bit too low and I can't say I am too happy with Mopub at the moment but our build is about 3 months old and apparently CJS has improved/updated its Mopub SDK. Maybe this will improve with a new build upgrading CJS from 1.3 to 1.4.

    Also advertising and promotion is a whole other game to get your head around. Are the ads networks you use suitable to your game demographic? Is your demographic even likely to be spending money? Questions like that are important when it comes to making money and it extends to IAP for extras too. The people who make money understand all this and it affects the games that they design in the first place.

    The monetisation options have been weak using C2/CJS but seem to be improving. I'm interested in the new IAP options in the CooconJS plugin but haven't tried them yet and don't know how well they work in practice. I'm sure all these things will be working properly soon, and to make money it will be more down to your design and marketing skills than the initial tools you choose.

  • Nathan

    this is about Android only:

    ok, I was too harsh for AdMob. Avg eCPM (for mine apps and friend apps) is 1-2$ eCPM, and this network provides best fillrates (because it's Google); anyway in worst case: 0,36 eCPM, in best case 3,55$

    The other issues (in case of banners ads) are:

    • placement on banner matters (bottom gives huge boost over top; at least in case of portrait layout and mobiles)
    • clickability of app (more clicks user do in app = the more clicks on banner you get too)
    • type of app (kids make more clicks than adults).

    In case of Java apps my friend usually get 3-6$ eCPM for appwalls, interstitials etc. and of course additionally $ from normal AdMob banners.

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  • Construct 2 is a great development environment full of great features that allow non programmers to create great games. We all know that the monetisation features have been poor up to now but I think we will be turning a very big corner soon. C2 has matured very nicely with great updates on a regular basis. I read on another thread recently that Ashley will address these shortcomings in the near future. I heard that Ludei will also bring out a new update of cocoonJS soon too.

  • wizaerd - most crashes in C2 are actually graphics card driver bugs. Are your drivers up to date? It's also wise to have new-ish graphics hardware, since old hardware sometimes stop getting driver updates.

  • Ashley, I have the latest and greatest graphics card setup (Custom built machine, bla bla bla bla) - I am a hardcore gamer and C2 crashes with me often. And yes, I have up to date driver(s) too.

    I am enjoying C2 very much, so don't get me wrong (I am a fan) but, it is not stable as wizaerd says, and it is the software not my hardware that causes it to crash, freeze etc.

  • As money seems to be a driving factor of this discussion: we're looking at turning over around �250k this year.

    We use Construct 2 for 2D work. We use Unity for anything 3D.

    Currently we're working with one of the biggest casual publishers to distribute Mortar Melon on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Blackberry 10, Tizen, Firefox OS, web, PC, Mac and Linux. For our publisher to anywhere near break even, Mortar Melon must earn �100k in sales after store cut.

    Hopefully that highlights some of the revenue potential.

  • wizaerd and DUTOIT

    For a while I had these really long load times when opening C2 with a project and saving, and sometimes it would crash, the reason for me was I had many tabs open that I didn't really need, like many levels of my game. Dunno if this helps but maybe worth a shot...

  • Yes, my graphics drivers are up to date. Everything on my machine is up to date because it's my main development machine. I work as a software developer, so I maintain my system rigorously. As I said, there are whole threads in this very forum where people are complaining about it, so it's not just me. I'm glad others have been able to use it so well, but for myself and many others, it's quite unstable. I wish that weren't the case, but it is what it is.

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