Fun Chowder Game Competition: Reclamation

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  • Kyatric

    how did you do to add the image in your signature and add the hyperlink ?

  • Just a reminder, Competition Deadline is Today, (Friday, December 23rd) 11:59pm GMT. Good luck to all the participants!

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  • Kyatric

    how did you do to add the image in your signature and add the hyperlink ?

    I assume he put URL tags around an IMG tag. That's how you do it in any other forum I've ever been to.

  • a. Wall$treet Reclamation

    b. Primary

    c. My Game

    d. US/Israel

    The High-Score page can be found Here

    Level 6 is hard. 7 is even harder. 8 is Unspeakable.

    I tested it with Chrome and Firefox. Hope you like it.

  • a) Lock n Load: first strike part 1

    b) Primary


    d) Vietnamese

    Finally. I'm really exhaused, need to get some sleep now... T_T

    Please give me some feedbacks if you found bugs, i'll fix them (if i can wake up).

  • OMG i posted the test version, will fix immediately.

  • Note: After the deadline passes, please do not make changes to the games at the URLs submitted. If you would like to make updates to your games, please do so by uploading to a seperate URL. That way we can evaluate games as they were, when they were submitted.

    <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Late entry ! ^_^' This is a diminished version of the game i'm making made specially for the comp. Very complex game so it gave me some trouble to finish it in time. ( barely :) )

    a) Little Knight : Stomper's Invasion

    b) Primary

    c) Game

    d) Brazil

    Controls: A, D to Move, Left Mouse to Attack, Right Mouse to Jump


    1. Had problems with image compression, messed up some of the images so it's on compression none.

    2. Uses a custom plugin (Function) so i'll upload it to Arcade later when i remove the dependence. I hope this plugin turns default on C2 or Ashley makes a plugin based on it since it's so useful.

    3. Sword get's stuck when trying again after losing or winning. This is a js minifier bug probably related to function plugin so it's out of my control. It works perfectly when previewing.

  • a) Sewice

    b) Primary


    d) Ireland

    Due to exams wasn't able to get done much 3 levels, no ending to level 3 but there might some minor bugs as I just exported it... but worth a chance to enter. Sound seems to be not working.

    Arrow keys to move and CTRL to enter the hole

  • a)Saved by the Balls




    Best in Firefox and Chrome

    89 levels.

  • Just in case some people are having some last minute problems, the Deadline will be extended a further 4 hours, so December 24th, 4am, GMT. If anyone had extenuating circumstances that prevented them from posting by this new deadline, please send me an e-mail:


  • a)Around The World




    I've got a lot of trouble with my data and my internet connection.. i hope it's not my end... thanks..

  • for another version, out of these competition.. Around The World

  • what is the game ?


    and how we control?

  • Braxmule i have found a bug in my game in save/progress, webstorage system that block the progress in certain levels, can i upload a new post with the fixed version?The rest of the game is exactly the same.


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