Free edition of Construct 2 and commercial use?

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  • And it won't have any of the quirks that CC has that have to be worked around, you'll be able to work with others on a project (multiple people coding one game), the configuration system for making a demo/slash full version/multiplatfrom versions from one .capx, an improved workflow and improved organization, the exporter system so you could code your own exporters, and especially stability. Oh, and you don't need to worry about people's directx9 being up to date.

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  • Okay, okay - I'll shell out 25 bucks or so for the thing; probably best for me in the long run. Until then, I'm sticking with CClassic and hitting the forums here once and a while to throw in my two cents.

    Good luck with C2, alright?

  • >Oh, and you don't need to worry about people's directx9 being up to date.

    This is a huge reason for C2 as most folks (especially casual gamers) might not have the right version of Directx. And new systems with DirectX 11 still require that users download the older DirectX libraries. So your 5 MB game just turned into a 90MB game!! :-)

    I still like all the power of CC as well, even with the quirks. I'll probably start building with C2 once it reaches CC's functionality but I'll probably jump on the early adopter license.

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