Framerate vs. Framerate

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  • Buildbox does look kind of interesting. Tired of not seeing tile support in 2D game engines though. Y'know, those things ~90% of the world's 2D game levels were built with. Seems this engine is targeted towards simplistic mobile games though, so I guess that explains it..

    edit: Ew. stick with C2, guys.

  • the buildbucks ahhh sorry buildbox is something that even as a trial dont want to experiment. and thats why 2k's of $$$ is huge amount of money for experimenting with something that failed with other names like project zero or project mayhem 1 and 2. polishing and reselling something like a "new" product dont make me feel comfortable. no i didnt use these softwares i just read comments about trey smiths products. buy even if these reviews came from haters and the software is a real gem why should i pay 2000 dollars when i earn 30 for 8 hours of work and dont use unity or unreal for free (with blueprints) ,or just pay for c2/stencyl/fusion or the soon coming spark tools for under 100-200 usd?

  • So, is there no concrete determination as to whether the 60fps issue is the browser's fault, and can't be worked around by C2 at all? Or would some sort of workaround ever be possible?

    Here's a link to the Chromium issue I posted a few months ago.

    Some stars here could go a long way.

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  • sqiddster actually you posted a link to a gmail.

    Also IIRC someone on the bug report did work around it by using an homemade timer system, not sure it is applicable to C2.

  • I'm preparing for next weeks rant for a native exporter.

    I am waiting for the release of "Ghost Elephant Rider"

    ... pulling a wheely 350 km/h on a hayabusa while manouvering through the forum crowd

  • Aphrodite Thanks, fixed.

  • Um this may sound silly, but its almost as if the current Chrome was designed to run at 30 fps.

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