Forms floating above canvas - is it intentional?

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  • Hi,

    I'm currently using a 9-patch for making speech bubbles but this can be cumbersome (e.g. resizing the bubble according to TextSize needs a 0.1s wait because of rendering timing etc.) so I thought I'd use a <div> plugin to display them. This works great but my elements now float above everything else.

    I know this is by design but I was wondering if this is intentional in HTML5? I mean, is it done for security reasons or is it an overlook that will be resolved in like HTML6 or something? Using HTML directly as sprites could provide nice vector capabilities but this floating thing can be seriously limiting.

  • Div is basically a shortcut that just gets pasted on top, so it's not a security thing, but a lack of proper implementation.

    Not all dom elements can be rendered well.

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  • Construct 2 renders the game in to a canvas element, but other elements like text inputs and buttons are the only things which are separate elements. The only way it's possible to display these is to float them over the canvas, there's no way to draw them in.

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