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  • Right now, i'm trying out different fonts. Some work. Some don't. Those that don't invoke C2 to yell out that it is not supported. So I looked around and saw that C2 uses an external library for font management.

    So the thing is this. If I am to create my own font, What kind of format, type, attributes, etc. are required in order to allow C2 to render the font correctly?

    Sure, the user will not have my font, so that has to be supplied somehow.

  • Construct 2 only renders certain types of TTF fonts in the editor. Browsers basically won't render any fonts apart from web fonts, because you can't guarantee any users have your particular font installed unless you provide a link to a web font everyone can use. So you should only use web fonts.

  • I see...

    On the other hand, what about Node-Webkit for desktop app? If I request the user to install the font first, then everything should be ok, no?

    And still, I see that I can also do: scirra.com/tutorials/237/how-to-use-your-own-web-fonts but will this be applicable for Node-Webkit?

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  • What font are you using and what is it for?

    For lots of dialogue, whilst fancy fonts may look good it's generally annoying for lots of text, Tahoma,Trebuchet MS and Veranda are all super safe, easy to read and look great; maybe they'll work better?

    For a logo or seldom used text assets, have you considered just using a sprite in place of the font?

  • I was considering putting some retro style 8-bit text into the game, you see. Fortunately, there is a font called "Press Start 2P" at google.com/fonts/, but the thing is I also require some Japanese text in retro style as well. Foreign language, you see.

  • There's a plugin that might work for you even though it's outdated, has a bug or two (you have to make the box size larger if you're using small resolution and scaling up), and since it's not a default C2 function not supported on the Scirra Arcade section of the website.

    Spritefont Plugin

    You just have to make your own font imageset, or find one you are allowed to use.


    Although personally I think webfonts would be better as you can also use it on your website as well, but I don't know how to make them or convert raster fonts (sprite fonts) to them.

    Edit: Your post inspired me to look into it again.

    Found that FontStruct provides a web based interface for font creation, and allows pixel monospaced fonts.

    It's also compatible with FontSquirrel Webfont Generator to convert it to a webfont


    Fontsquirrel seems to be having issues with Fontstruct. I made a font and used Font2Web.com to convert it. I it came out pretty good.

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