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  • May sound funny but I think it would be really cool if there was an "on collision ended" event. It would save so much time!

    "Is not overalpping" + "Trigger Once" works nice though in many cases it triggers not once per action but once per session.

    "Is not overlapping" + playing with variables helps but not always. Maybe I don't know or understand something yet.

    What do you think about such feature - do we need it?

  • I see what you're saying but as it's set up now it wouldn't work because on collision end would simply execute 1 tick after the collision takes place, not at the end of the overlap.

  • on collision: _switch_variable = true;

    if( _switch_variable == true ) not collision: _switch_variable = false;

  • I do agree.

    On End/Exit Collision will make much more sense than having Is X Overlapping + Trigger Once all the time.

    The same for Mouse events, if there is On Mouse Enter and Exit will help so much too!

  • xavy027 Using On Collision is the exact same as Is X Overlapping + Trigger Once.

  • xavy027 Using On Collision is the exact same as Is X Overlapping + Trigger Once.

    Sure is X overllaping

    was meant to mean is NOT (red cross)overlapping, not is objectX overllaping.

  • Yes, of course you are correct. Apparently I was way too tired when I wrote that and was thinking X meant any object rather then inverted... Sorry for the confusion.

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  • OMG hahahahahaha... yeah I totally meant the 'Red X' on the event sheet.

    My bad. Sorry for the confusion. :p

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