Feature suggestion: Merge projects

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  • Like said SVN is fine but it's a lot of merging and manual effort to do something like bring in elements from one project to another.

    I think I get what the intent is here and it's not about project file merging it's really "there's a sprite and a background and a layout I want from project1 that I want to use in project2" and how do I get it?

    Will post code shortly that will do this for you.


  • bsimser +1

    I have had a few situations where I wanted to combine layouts and events. SVN wouldn't be ideal for those situations. And manually copy pasting has to date been frustrating to say the least.

  • Agreed. The other problem with SVN merge is that it's not smart. If you copy a layout it doesn't know to copy the event sheet that's associated with it. Or a sprite with the animations. It only operates at a file level generally.

    Just a quick update I'll post my first cut of the tool on github this weekend (RealLife 1.0 has got in the way this week).


  • I wasn't aware of the fact that caproj files were just xml. Thanks to this info I can now copy sprites from one file to another. :)


    such a tool would be appreciated indeed.

  • Hi guys,

    Just a note that I haven't posted the code yet. I live in a town named High River in Alberta, Canada and the town was flooded out last Friday. We're doing fine but living in our trailer right now as the own is on military lockdown and I have limited access to internet.


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  • bsimser that usually precedes a zombie apocalypse so be careful.


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