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  • Hi there,

    I've been learning how to use construct for some time now and everytime, there are 3 fonctions that I'd love to have :

    • I'm creating my layout on photoshop and build it very carefully using layers. I'd love to be able to import a .psd file and that my layers are automatically in place.
    • What about way to group objects in folder so I can move them, rotate together as one
    • What about making the top/bottom position fonction more precise by using move up/move down

    thanks btw for your amazing job so far !

  • "What about way to group objects in folder so I can move them, rotate together as one"

    This is what Families or the Pick All function are for.

    However, I would really love to be able to have families of families, or families that have different objects in them (like sprite + particles + texts), only to change the base values of each of the objects (set visible, set opacity, set position etc).

  • I am not sure if this is what he's talking about, but I wouldn't mind having the ability to group a selection of objects (sprites, mostly) and assign a "group" to them. For instance a tree with a trunk, canopy, and apples could be 3 seperate sprite objects, with different properties/behaviors. trunk is a plain sprite, canopy is a solid to platform on, and apples can fall to the ground. To do this now you would have to select each object (either with a marquee selection or by clicking each). If it were possible to make a "group" of objects, such as in illustrator or flash, you can more easily select and duplicate/reposition a series of objects. Families to me are more for event sheet work, where as group would be a for the layout view and would make multiple objects selectable by one click.

  • Greg, you got me. This os what Imeant (and I did write it in pretty awful english).

    By the way, another feature I'd really love to have to is the Multiply effect..

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  • We're hoping to add all these features eventually, we have a lot on our todo list though!

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