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  • Okay so, last night I asked myself "What if I created a dynamic 3D Cube on contruct using no 3D plugin/effect/behavior? That might be cool.".

    So I spent the next 7 hours (from 11pm to 5am <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">) making this. I made it so everyting is modulable via instance and global variables, but most of all having a code that would be as simple as possible.

    I ran into a problem quite fast: I can't render 3D looking sprites with no effect on. So I just used the skend effect by somebody (i think. Can't remember his name). Even though I realised a few hours later that I should have used the 3D manipulation effect, but:

    1-The effect is buggy, and hard to manipulate

    2-It would have broken my first wish to use no 3D effect

    3-It was 3am and I really didn't want to remake all of my code for possibly nothing

    Anyways, I finally succeeded in making the 3D effect. So the next step was to make everything dependent on instance and global vars, which was pretty easy.

    And then, I realised that my effect looked not only awesome when you controled the cube, but also absolutely amazing when you controled the vanishing point.

    So I spent the next 2h making a GTA-like kind of looking game, and yesterday, at 5am, I succeded in making this: https://twitter.com/skymen75/status/751591238672023552

    Then I got pretty hyped honestly, I tried adding more to this. The engine managed a var named "TopHeight" that defined how "tall" the cube should look. So I added a var named "Bot Height" that defines the "distance between the cube and the floor".

    The result is neat HOWEVER I ran into a problem.

    When I drew my cubes, I made it so it drew the furthest from the vanishing point first. But, this is no longer valid, as, if I have "Height" there are some cubes that should be drawn after but are drawn before. Which creates some weird perspective glitches.

    So I tried my best to make it so it works fine, but I got bored pretty fast. So I'm leaving this here in case anyone is interested in using this. (In case the 2.5D platformer effect or Q3D or 3D whatever effects are too hard to use)

    https://mega.nz/#!FgMxjQYB!DNMpGEld-L9y ... sUEDKfi6fE

    If anyone fixes the glitches, makes the engine better or even make a game using this, I WANT to see it. Just know that everything works just fine if you just let that "BotHeight" to 0.

    EDIT: Here is a live demo so you can see the thing happening


    Basically, the car is controled using arrow keys

    In Cubejump, the three cubes are controled using ZQSD, arrow keys, and 8426(numpad)

  • Very impressive!!

    Maybe you can recreate GTA 2 with modern controls and better mechanics, good luck, that looks promising!

    La communauté est fière de toi (the community is proud of you!)

  • Well, I never played any old GTA. The only knowledge I have of them is that perspective look. So I can't really tell what mechanics I can add.

    Plus I have a ton of other projects on the run, so I don't think I'll ever touch this again. If I ever do something like this in the future, I most likely may do it using another language/engine.

    But if anyone is interested in doing it, feel free to make it yours.


  • You could add some stuff to the game like pedestrians and release it in the store as a template. I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in it.

  • ... oh yeah, including me!!

  • Very nice!

  • Very cool.

    Someone asked a while back, Can we make GTA 1 game with C2 ?

    And this is the answer.

  • Wow, this is amazing. Great work! Construct 2 and the things people can do with it is really impressive. Wish you were making a game with this.

  • Wow, one of the coolest projects I've seen here! It's really impressive and opens the brain to a whole new possibilities of games! Great work!

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  • First of all, thanks to all of you.

    Then, to answer Zed2100, I may add some things, if some people are interested, however I don't really want to put this on the store, as I want to let anyone access these files for free, and as to put things on the store, I would have to pay 20$ (that I don't have atm). That would not be worth if I keep letting this for free.

    I'll let you know if I fix the BotHeight glitch, and if I add a pedestrian AI, and/or a way to go out of the car and stuff. Actually, I'll see if I can play GTA1 and/or 2 and I may add things.

    However, I think this can not only be useful for a GTA fangame. I'll make a few layouts and repost this.

  • Looks great, nice work. I'd be interested in this template too if you make it.

  • The perspective is wrong Should be opposite - building top bigger than it's base.

  • Yeah, I know. Actually, the top and the base are the exact same size. You can actually have the top a different size than the bottom(which you can choose via instance variables), but that would require that the walls have a different texture (which you can also choose via instance variables) to mathc with the different size (meaning, no longer have square/rectangle textures, but ones having the shape of a trapeze. I tried it, it works just fine, but I'm too lazy to replace it.

  • When done this game and its really made with Q3D plugin, please suggest to be listed here:

  • I'm wondering what's the cpuutil on that example. I don't really know why, it doesn't look that smooth, and also perspective is kind of wrong.

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