Facebook request stream permission not working?

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  • Hi. I added the facebook object and added my app ID. When you click on the login button the LogIn Action is executed and I added a request to publish on the stream because the other action has no parameters for the text and a blank "publish to wall" popup appears.

    But the Facebook popup says no stream publish rights are granted (with a small lock icon) at the bottom. But I enabled "request publish to stream". Do I need some special settings in the facebook app to make this work?

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  • You can test it here: http://www.playbird.at/sites/Bl4ckSh33p ... index.html

    btw: there should be a twitter button right below the "Lunar" text (logo) but I cant see it in Chrome - but no plugins are blocking Twitter. It was disabled by Avira Antivir Plugin in the past but I added an exception and enabled tracking. The Twitter button is visible in the local preview in Chrome but not online. Can everyone else see it?

    In Internet Explorer I only see a black screen with the 2 Facebook buttons. o.O

    /Update: After looking around on facebook for a while I found that you can add rights when you submit it for review. Does it need the "publish_actions" (Provides access to publish feed posts, Open Graph stories, achievements, scores and other activity detailed in Publishing Permissions) to work?

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