Extending Construct 2 with Javascript

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  • It's too early for us to have plugin distribution - try uploading them to dropbox or similar for now.

  • As you say "SDK is subject to change at any time" and there is the talk of closed-source now is there much point in making plugins still?

    Would a re-write make the current SDK not usable? or would we still be able to code a plugin now and it would work fine in later versions?

  • Do you write plugins only because it's open source? I don't get why that means "there's not much point" now.

    We're not going to re-write Construct! Not again :S It's very much in our interests not to make any breaking changes, because it means we have to change all the official plugins too. To be honest, it's likely any changes will be minor, and if there aren't too many plugins, I can just go through and make the changes myself so nobody needs to worry about it. The 'change at any time' bit is just a disclaimer on the off-chance we do need to really give things a make-over, which I can't see any reason for in the near future.

  • All sorts of third-party folks have made plugins for MMF, and it's not open source.

    Hell, the guy who posted above me used to do that very thing.

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  • Do you write plugins only because it's open source? I don't get why that means "there's not much point" now.

    I think you guys probably read my question the wrong way, i said "is there much point in making plugins still?", by that i meant if the app/exporter could possibly be changed at any time would there be much point in developing plugins before the changes. I also have/had no idea what the changes would involve in regard to the current system, maybe i should have wrote that question in a better way though

    As for your question no not really, i think open-source can help with learning and getting to be a better coder though but i would be just as happy to code with a closed source apps as long as the SDKs they use are not too restrictive.

    That is great news to hear thing won't change too much though. From what i have read it is only the exporter part that will be closed so we could still see the javascript the plugins used and learn from it, this is what i really like about C2 currently as it makes it so simple to create new plugins.

  • even if the plugins "break" it is not that big of a deal!

    if anything breaks then it will just be the part where construct interfaces with it

    all of the code its self will be reusable (unless the language changes )

    basically it would be changes so minor that it would be only a few minutes to fix them(unless it is a big plugin, bigger plugin = more time to fix it)

    due to the fact that construct is currently so limited, you really need to write your own plugins to really access its true power!

    if they break then fix them

  • I asked this a while ago, but the question is probably more relevant now. Would it be possible to make it so behaviors are abstracted and they interface with the runtime, thereby avoiding the need to rerwrite for each runtime, since behaviors operate on construct specific parameters, that aren't affected by alternate runtimes.

    Also, do you think it'd eventually be possible to merge objects, that way, the official mouse plugin for instance, you would have one set of events that would export to the official linux exporter or windows exporter or html 5 exporter, without having to redo events for each?

  • I need some help. I'm trying to make a custom sprite plugin. Every single tick I need the object to be drawn. Doing this in Instance.draw:

    this.runtime.redraw = true;[/code:16dm2ycx]
    doesn't work. Any ideas?
    Note: I looked through the source code and it should work...
  • Why do you need it to redraw every tick? Setting that flag will definitely force a refresh on the next tick so it sounds like there's a bug in your code (maybe it really is drawing the same way).

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  • Javascript is possibly the worst named programming language ever. It's not Java.

  • Bleeh.. luckily i didn't spend more then a few hours on it so far. I had noticed the terms weren't interchangeable, but i thought at least it was different branches of the same thing. Well, back to searching the web.

  • Guess I'll just paste the link again: http://eloquentjavascript.net/contents.html

    Interactive javascript tutorial.

  • Is there any way right now for expressions to have parameters? As in:


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