Exporting with canvas+ ... Dead?

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  • I've been testing my game on my phone with cocoon.js launcher with canvas+ and it runs pretty darn good. Now I am at a stage where I need to put ads in my game, and have been testing with intel XDK and exporting to android crosswalk. But the app keeps closing when I try loading my the level with the gameplay. When I export to android from xdk (not with crosswalk), it works but it runs horrible! I think maybe my phone just can't handle webview? Because the same thing happens when I try testing in cocoon.js launcher with webview, it just shows the menu and when I click on the button to load the layout with the actual game it closes. Maybe my phone doesn't have enough memory? Either way...

    Is there any way to export my project to compile with cocoon.js instead of cocoon's cordova compiler? So I can have my game using canvas+.

    I'm uncertain of the best way to go here. Any suggestions or tips would be really appreciated.

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  • Ok... so exporting to an html5 web game and importing into ludeis cloud compiler is the way to go here... haha. Runs so much better. It's awesome.

  • Increasingly recent phones are running webview but I think it's slower than the canvas +

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