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  • From a business standpoint with Nintendo if something does not change soon ,they will end up a software company like Sega .

    I don't think that's a very realistic assessment at all. Don't get too hung up on the current state of the WiiU, Nintendo is still doing very well in the handheld market. Also this just happened: link

    I think exporting options for big consoles are a good thing for sure and will raise the profile of Construct 2 significantly.

    Just don't lose sight of what the software is already pretty good at: making HTML5 games for mobile smart devices. This is a giant market and HTML5 will gain importance.

    Take a look at Tizen which directly supports HTML5 apps providing a native-like experience.

    I think Scirra is making fine progress with C2 at a steady pace, which is pretty impressive in itself. Some features being added might seem not that important, but I don't see the harm if they can be added quickly (like Ashley mentioned with the speech recognition).

  • PixelRebirth

    Thank you for your link and in the end of the day who are we to tell the future of multi billion company's.

    But I have to disagree with you to the fact that c2 is pretty good at making mobile games.

    As a tool is the best. But the fact that it does not support an official working exporter drives away many small and medium studios. If you had 50k to invest on creating a game would you from a business standpoint use c2 ? I would not since I have no guarantee that it would work. I would use that money to hire a programmer and go unity or whatever.

    See what I am saying? For the individual that spends 100 euro its more that perfect. But not in the real world where money is involved.

    That is the reason I am saying to the guys to focus on one exporter either mobile or console that works and they have full control and responsibility for it

  • Roccinio

    We are kind of talking two different things here. I meant plain HTML5 games, which are optimized for mobiles. I do think C2 is already good at this.

    You seem to be talking about packaging the HTML5 to result in a native format. And I agree C2 would profit from having its own well working solution there.

    But it was also my point that mobile OS will improve to the point where you don't need to jump through hoops to boost your HTML5 performance. That's why I also mentioned Tizen.

  • PixelRebirth

    Let me be a little more clear about main concern is not I have written before in this forum this will solve itself out soon.

    Lets say you create the perfect mobile works perfectly. After one week you get reports of a crushing bug. You correct it ,try to upload your game again and apple has changed something in their framework.From in app purchases to the way the ios supports html.

    What do you do? you are literally destroyed as a studio. You have no way to fix this since you don't have control over your code and you pray at ludei or intelrobert to do something about it.

    Do you believe this a viable plan for a serious game developer?

    That's why the guys need to step up so we can have someone to blame if our game does not work ??

  • Roccinio - of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, only Nintendo have given us the opportunity to develop for their console. Of course we would jump at the chance to add a PS4 or XB1 exporter, but so far this does not appear to be possible yet.

    Re: mobile performance - I've said it before, and I'll say it again: we've been through all this already with desktop performance. Nobody complains about desktop performance any more, but back in 2011 when we first launched it was very slow due to software-rendered canvases in all browsers. After a couple of years it improved improved so much and is now so fast that nobody considers it a problem. I think it's obvious the same will happen with mobile. The Nexus 5 already outperforms some of the desktop machines in our office. There might be some problem devices still around today, but it's only a matter of time.

  • Who hijacked my thread ! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • spongehammer

    ROFLMAO :D, your thread is now gone.


    Actually back in the early days of Unity; no one would ever use Unity for a serious project. I remember looking at Unity long time ago when it was just a .NET 3D renderer. For the longest time Unity was only for the purpose of making quickplay games. Unity would never been used for anything deep or really good. but a test for Quake(i think) proved that it's fine engine. Then came along Shadowgun which pretty much tipped Unity from "toy" tool to a practicle game toolkit.

    C2 is in the same situation. What C2 needs is a couple of games showing that's it's a practicle game kit. Until then it's going to keep the same perception.

    But it goes to show that it's a perception. Now it's becoming standard that Unity is a good developer toolkit to make deep games. So now there is still no reason that C2 shouldn't be considered a full scale tool for deep games. Except for the perception surrounding it.

    In a year or two(maybe longer) people will start forgetting that there was the voice of "C2 is for toy games".

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  • I'd really like Export for PS4 please, that's where the money's at, xbox-ONE is still selling ok, but PS4 is kicking ass out of all 3 next gen consoles.

    Wii U will only sell 30-million consoles max, that can be a good thing and a bad thing, good thing becos you will have less competition from other games and other developers, bad thing becos your potential market size is 3x or 4x smaller than what PS4 and Xbox-One are each expected to sell (over 200-million consoles between the two).


    I just read Ashley's post, hey if you look at the WebGL and HTML5 compatibility scores for the PS4 and XB1 browsers they both score even higher than the Wii U browser, so that's good news for us!!

    Sony & Micropants are both busy actively promoting their new consoles, and they are also bug fixing and adding important features.. once all that settles down i think we've got a sporting chance at getting on those consoles, i reckon sometime after July 2014..

  • EddyDingDongs

    One thing to consider is that Wii U owners are starving for games, even though 2014 looks to change that to some extent. PlayStation and Xbox owners have a packed lineup with both first and third party releases. Indies are going to shine on the Wii U, that is my prediction.

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