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  • hi, pls make export for tiny pc called raspberry pi. Raspberry pi has got linux but AMR architecture.

  • Raspberry can have a lot of different types of Linux on them (and other OS types).

    One could try to export the project to html5 and then run it form a browser, just like on any device. However my test have shown that performance is not so good.

    I think that your best bet is to install Android OS on your raspberry and try to export through cooconjs, or try to go with Firefox OS.

    What Linux are you specifically talking about?

    Is Linux absolutely necessary for your project?

  • I understand the default Linux browser isn't that great for html5.

    You might check for alternate versions of that.

    And then there are different flavors of Linux which may have a better default browser.

    If you find something that works nice, please let us know.

  • If it's linux, can't you do export for nodewebkit? I know what the Pi is, but I don't know a lot of details.

  • When I was researching the Pi I came across this very interesting project: Pine

    ine is a project with the goal of creating an HTML5 game console that runs on Raspberry Pi. The software stack is powered by Linux, NodeJS and Chromium.

  • thehen, nice link. I find that amusing however. That looks like the creator is psema4. He is currently working on getting HTMl5/JS game running on the Ouya. By using the Chormium webkit as the wrapper.

    This strikes me that psema4, has keen interest on working with html5/js and open game consoles. :P


  • That's a lot of software running on arm.

    Id say too much, but Chromium adds the possibility of Webgl. :p

    Smells like another kickstarter in the making.

  • There were some efforts building node-webkit for pi, but haven't heard were there any successes. You can find some info on the nw mailing list.

    Regarding pine, i was following their git few months ago, druring the ownership transfer between some guy that started pine and the current maintainer but haven't seen any updates in months. thehen did you hear some fresh news about the pine project?

    I have one pi for some time now, but i didn't really succeed in running an c2 app with decent results. I tried html5 export, with standard pi linux and chromium for pi. If anyone wants i run some test on pi, please contact me!


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  • Would be awesome to get an HTML5 platform running on PI. I have one sitting on my desk I haven't messed with much.

  • Have been considering building a PI image to run as standalone construct 2 game console.

    Idea would be to install on a base image of PI OS (TBD) the Chromium browser (for playing the games) and Nginx to act as webserver (configured for the various construct 2 Mime mappings).

    The webserver would host a very simple application, which would show the names of the construct games which had been installed (e.g. exported as websites and copied to specific folder).

    The PI would be set to boot with browser displayed at full screen, so you could select games.

    If I started pulling this together would anyone else be interested in it (if so would put up on GITHUB).

  • Did anyone try HTML5 using the Google Coder project for Raspberry Pi?

    I'd paste the link but my rep is not high enough. Simply google the phrase "google coder for raspberry pi".

  • In case you didn't see my blog post, you can get WebGL running on a Raspberry Pi 2, although it takes a bunch of hacks. It seems to work fine for Construct 2 games!

  • In case you didn't see my blog post, you can get WebGL running on a Raspberry Pi 2, although it takes a bunch of hacks. It seems to work fine for Construct 2 games!

    could you publish an image of your system configured to run webgl?

  • fldr - why? the steps provided should cover it, and should help you stay up to date with future updates.

  • because the process of just trying it out would take less time that way

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