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  • hmm when someone post a capx of a full game i saw an complex stuffs in 1 event sheet why all that???

    ok , for me i made about 2 layouts about 4eventsheets does this effect , 1 event sheet for score , 1 event sheet for buttons , other for player , other for scaling background and then i included all eventsheets in 1 eventsheet .... so the question is what is better eventsheets or gruops??

    why eventsheets is much organized and it doesn't take (1event) for free edition users its hard to make like 20+ gruops but they can use 20 eventsheets ...

    so let me know if this effect the performance or anything ^^

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  • Optimisation: don't waste your time.

    Apart from the performances tips it doesn't matter what type of events you use.

    Groups or included eventsheet have no effect on performances, it's just a matter of organisation/maintenance of your project.

    (When you have 20 eventsheets and a bug, it makes 20 different tabs to check where the bug could be).

    Also don't forget the order in which the events are executed. ("On start of layout" events in included eventsheets will execute before the "On start of layout" event in the "master" eventsheet)

  • Kyatric i really don't know , in gruops if i have a bug ill check the gruops that related to that bug, same with eventsheet ill make every sheet like a gruop and i include this sheet to anything i want and when i have a bug ill check the sheet that related to that bugs.

    for example i have included players move,enemy attack,moving walls,....

    then i check which one has the problem :)

  • I rarely use multiple event sheet unless there's some part of event I need over different layouts. For me that's the main use of event shett splitting "reusing code"

    I don't like splitting my events too much and having too many tabs.

    I prefer a long event sheet, I just have to collapse some groups if I need it. This way I can read the entire game code in one "page"

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