Ejecta game becomes improperly aligned on iPhone

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  • There's a discrepency between the running game on iphone safari and as iphone app compiled with Ejecta. I just want to make sure that I didn't put some wrong settings while exporting the game (I remember reading somewhere that iPhone sucks at supporting letterbox scaling?) ....so if there's nothing wrong with my settings here, I'll go ask the Ejecta forums about alignment issues. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

    Test #1: From iPhone (iOS 6.1+) Safari browser: Works perfectly (as does all our other full blown games). The health bar is properly aligned.


    Test #2: As an iphone app:

    After building with Ejecta and running it as an app on the iPhone (iOS 6.1+), the health bar is improperly aligned at 50% height:

    Why is this? Is there something we need to change to Ejecta's index.js file? Or maybe an issue with my project settings?


    Project exported as bare minimum, with touch plugin, blank screen, and a few sprites.

    WebGL: OFF

    Scaling: Letterbox, full screen

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  • Can you upload a .capx to see the problems?

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