dt is not variable in chrome - cause of jank?

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  • The hopping skull test shows the differences pretty clearly and is a very minimal project. Also shows jank on the devices that didn't with the sbperftest.

    CC 600 spawns/frame without drops

    C2 on EDGE 150 spawns/frame without drops

    C2 on Chrome or NWJS 50 spawns/frame without drops

    If you want to make a desktop app, the game load is going to have to be at 1/12 of the load compared to the native CC to be jank free.

    If Chrome gets sorted to the same level as EDGE, the C2 NWJS export will be at 1/3 of the performance compared to CC, which starts to be acceptable.

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  • OKAY, so I found a way to remove the stuttering!!

    I read online that windows explore may be affecting the rendering, so I changed my windows theme to Classic, and now my game runs super smooth!

    Apparently the custom theme requires more processing, so it must have been affecting the rendering in some way.

    Newer versions of windows deal with it better, but since I use an old version of windows, the stuttering is insane. Changing my theme to Classic removes all the stutter.

    If you're experiencing stutter, you should try changing your theme to Classic to see if it improves it!

  • Prominent Windows version you are running? And for commercial games that isn't a viable fix to tell customers "just remove your Windows theme!!!"

  • Jayjay , windows Vista sp2.

    yeah.. not really a solution, but thought it was interesting and possibly could provide insight somewhere.

    I found out that windows 8 and 10 don't even support classic theme, so those users are stuck with more graphical intensive ui and effects, and can't even test this out.

  • Yeah I feared it was 7 or lower, I'd use classic theme if I could too just for the extra performance

  • IIRC changing to the Classic theme disables the Desktop Window Manager (DWM). Basically I think it reverts to an older and significantly different compositing strategy. I think it disables GPU acceleration of desktop windows so it probably reduces overall system performance. Apparently the option is also removed in Windows 10+.

    It's surprising if the DWM has poorer v-sync accuracy than not using it... Recently I saw

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    about presentation models in Windows 10, and it turns out it's super complicated with several different presentation modes with different options and latency/accuracy trade-offs. I guess on some systems, different composition strategies perform better or worse, and there's probably no single one that works best everywhere. Still, this suggests any v-sync timing issues are coming from somewhere in Windows itself, which is kind of surprising, usually the OS internals are really well engineered

    FWIW, on every modern Win10 device I've tested, Chrome/Firefox/Edge can v-sync to within ~0.1ms. Maybe they've only optimised for accuracy on modern hardware.

  • Nice video..

    That's the feeling I'm getting too- a Windows issue, and optimization for newer more capable hardware.

  • Introducing moderate load will have Chrome break apart much faster than Edge. Also chromium has multiple open issues on this that confirm it's not working properly. There may be additional issues on older hardware, but everything I have tested show the same results with my jank test where you can increase load to find the breaking point.

  • well Chromium is the only thing we can use for Mobile, so yeah.. that's the point Ashley

  • Currently there's no progress on the chromium bug reports.

    You can review them here: https://www.vsynctester.com/chromeisbroken.html

    As it currently stands, here are the problems you will face when making a game for desktop/chrome using C2 or C3:

    -Intermittent loss of vsync when under 30% CPU load

    -constant loss of vsync when over 30% CPU load

    -3 frame input lag

    -vsyncing to the wrong monitor when multiple monitors connected

    With these it's very hard to pass publisher QA.

  • There is a potential solution now (not free): Chowdren exporter for Construct 2

    It works well for games on the Clickteam products (Eg: MMF2) and allows them to come to consoles, so it should work really well for Construct game exporting!

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