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  • Woo! Touch plugin!

    Keep up the great work, all I can say! =)

  • Love the new expression thing! Great work!!!

  • Wow! You guys are making amazing progress on C2! Haven't had time to play around too much but tomorrow I'll MAKE time

    I'm very curious about trying the touch plugin with that AppMobi thing. Exciting.

  • Also, Ash, out of curiosity...

    Are you actually gonna be taking that break anytime soon?

  • when will it be released on sourceforge v29?

    Waiting for the svn upload

  • Tried out the new build earlier. Really liking the new panel to the expression editor =)

    I tried out the touch plugin on my friends iPad ( ). Worked really nice! =) Though I'm not sure how different devices handle their touch functionality. Say Win7 tablets, do they count your touch as "touch" or as a "mouse"? "How does Android handle this when inside a browser?" Etc.

    Maybe these are questions for a later date, or maybe even inconsequential. In any case the touch plugin, in this early state, works great (as far/little I've tried it). Just trying to spot potholes before they become an issue.

  • There r no words how to express the lvl of excitement I'm in XD

    I've got few questions. shall i post them in FAQ topic?

  • inkBot: only devices with genuine touch input should fire touch events. If a Win7 tablet has touch input, touch will fire only touch events and not mouse input.

    Some devices (iPhone?), for backwards compatibility with old web pages, fire mouse events if a web page does not handle a touch event. We've explicitly disabled this for C2, because it's best that you code mouse and touch input separately, in a way that best suits your game.

  • when will it be available on sourceforge?

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  • nice done

    Where i can find the source-code of c2 editor etc. ? *

  • Found this earlier, don't know if you're aware of this or not, so I'm posting it here (since the sf bug tracker is gone as far as I can tell)

    I wanted to have two lines of text in my little test app for the touch plugin. So I did this

    "Tex bla bla" & newline & "more text bla bla"[/code:2wyybcxq]
    and got this:
    <img src="">
    Here's the cap: [url=][/url]
  • Try:

    "Tex bla bla" + newline + "more text bla bla"

  • (& is the correct syntax for string concatenation)

    That's a bug in the HTML5 exporter, it's fixed in the next build.

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