I just don't get it...(performance question)

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  • True that, you have a point Ashley . But looool how come you can get 20k sprites with 30 fps when I've seen other posts of people having problems with even less then 64 sprites? What is your secret, please teach us ohhh mighty grasshopper, or are we really just that bad at optimizing and "coding" our games?


    Also what you described with the animation resize isn't a bug, its just how C2 does it. Suggest you pre-size your frames with other software then import into C2.

  • I think he was describing that the crop (not a simple resize) altered his non opened layouts in a bad way, but did not destroyed his opened layout, which would imply a bug (as it should work consistently regardless of if the layout is open or not), also I am pretty sure crop +shift is supposed to be a painless operation (aka: it should never ever be able to break a project, and I think that is what happenned on his opened layouts, but it failed on his closed layouts).

    if someone can reproduce that in a simple capx, a bug report would be nice (I will see if I can do it today, If I cannot, well, I will not be able to use C2 for two weeks so if someone else can)

    EDIT: VIKINGS done

  • [quote:14y9jiye]Weeks of work down the drain

    While this is very unfortunate and never desirable, I must say this is also terrible working practices. I understand the bitterness, it's never fun losing hard work, but not having regular backups or reliable versionning in place is bound to cause major issues ; if it's not a feature not behaving as expected breaking the game, it will be user mistake, or hardware failure, or whatever that can happen and cannot be undone easily.

    This could have been easily prevented, and I urge developers working on "serious" "amateur/indie" games not using a versionning system to take some time to reconsider their workflow, development pipeline and production processes.

    There's a whole range of solutions suitable for all types of situations, depending on the complexity of the requirements, and with very little overhead

    Working on your own and just need regular remote backups ? > daily exports to dropbox, or similar

    Working on your own and just need file history ? > local SVN (e.g. TortoiseSVN) or Git

    Working on your own but want remote history, or working in a team ? > SVN + host provider or Git + host provider

    To minimise the risks (hardware failure, natural disaster, theft, etc.) ideally you'd want your project to be hosted remotely. I strongly recommend something like BitBucket + SmartGit, which ticks all the boxes and is very affordable for small teams, or even free for non-commercial developments.

  • VIKINGS Thank you for descibing the problem and warning the community about it.

  • Things can go wrong, either by making mistakes or software failure. Keep your work safe with Construct 2's backup options and you should never lose weeks of work even in extreme cases like disk failure, fire, floods or theft. This all does happen and you should have already been keeping backups for any important work. I'm sorry if you had to learn this the hard way.

    If there is a problem with Construct 2 then obviously we want to fix it, but it's almost impossible for us to do anything about it without a report to the Bugs forum following all the guidelines. AFAIK, most users are using the feature with no issues.

  • Yes Aphrodite that is exactly what I was describing. And thanks for the bug report mate, I was gonna do it myself after reading what Ashley just said, but I noticed you beat me to it.

    Yeah, I learned it the hard way, guess I should consider a better system for keeping my work safe.... I'll check out some of those things that Refeuh suggested.

    Well, thank you everyone.

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  • VIKINGS Not sure, but todays release may have fixed it (it seems like so if I see the changelogs).

  • Maybe it did Aphrodite , but that is a beta version, and I don't use betas. It's bad enough that I had all these problems with a release labeled as stable because of a bug that was missed, the last thing I need is to have a beta version ruin things even more.

  • In fairness to Scirra, there have only been a handful of beta versions that required a quick beta v0.1 to be posted a day later to fix new beta-caused bugs. And, of course, if no one tests the betas then no one will know if the new features don't work. Because of C2's architecture, it's usually easy to revert to a previous version if a particular beta is not performing well - unless you've used a new feature, of course... I understand your reticence, though, given what just happened to your project. It's worth noting that I've been using the betas for over 2 years now and have never lost any work to a bug or fault.

  • For any serious projects, I stick to the stable versions. However, I keep a separate install of the latest beta version too, in case I want to try out a new feature or open a newer capx file.

    C2 is pretty much portable, though you wouldn't know it from the installer...you have to be careful when installing beta's or you'll uninstall/overwrite your stable version.

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