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  • Hi!,

    I had the same problem and I came here today.

    Using groups worked fine. But, I think having to put two actions in order to hide/deactivate a popup window (for example) is not good for readibility.

    I understand why is that and how construct deals separately sprites and events. But it should be a better way I think. Like having in some way the three options: (HIDE, DEACTIVATE and HIDE_AND_DEACTIVATE).

    PD: I'm new to Construct2 so let me know if I'm misunderstanding something.


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  • Here is a Capx i have done for you to test.

    By pressing " i " you can switch the visibility of the two buttons (it's the same logic if you ask if it's a sprite visibility or Layout / layer). The red button is clickable even when hidden (that's not what we want) but the blue one is only clickable when visible. And this, because i said : If button blue isn't visible then deactivate the group (where all the actions for the blue button are), this way you can easily make many actions, for various buttons inside a single group and deactivate the whole thing by only doing one check (the visibility).

    Thank you - that was incredibly helpful.

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