Deltatime mean framerate independant right?

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  • Hi guys,

    I'm wondering if some of you noticed the same problem than me on some machines.

    I'm using "Every X seconds" condition and sometime "Timers" and 1 second is often longer than 1 second on a lot of PCs with a Windows version inferior to 7.

    Is there any workaround to this? I'm right when I say that "Every X seconds" AND Timers Behaviors use deltatime already so it should be framerate independent? I noticed that the users for wich the game duration are longer than it should be have low fps in the game, like 10-15, but even there I was sure it was enough for timers to stay ok, it's not like the game was less than 1 or 2 fps.


  • You could make your own timer.


    variable.self is greater than n, do foo

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  • Look for "Minimum framerate' in this document: ... dependence

    10-15 fps is a serious deviation from the 'acceptable fps that is smooth correctable by dt'.

    The best solution is to optimize the game.

    Setting the minimum framerate to 10 is a no, no.

    Collissions will not be dedected and all sorts of other culprits.

    You can make a timer based on the expression 'wallclocktime'.

    The maximum error will then be the timeresolution, beeing 1 * dt, but usualy 1/2 * dt.

    Dont use =, use > or <.

    But, altaught this timer will be reasonable right, still ....

    The BEST solution is to optimize the game, to keep dt between realistic boundarys.

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