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  • Hi, I have a computer company that is recently getting into developing games and I originally read when I was getting information about Construct 2 that I could make multiplayer and LAN games and even found something about direction IP connection somewhere. I am aware of how to make a multiplayer game in construct but before I begin a project I have some concerns. My question is that I recently found that you need to BUY and download some scirra matchmaking server for LAN games? So what is the deal I know it says one license and all my clients aren't going to buy scirra servers to play offline, no internet, lan games just between themselves on a local router? As for multiplayer It doesn't seem that I can make direct connection for multiplayer where they type in IP address instead absolutely everything multiplayer is depending on either the scirra server or my downloading the server If what I read is correct.

    So Construct 2 can only make offline or non dependent LAN games for a person who wants to purchase the matchmaking server?

    Also anyone playing a multiplayer game that I sell will be connecting through my "account" on the matchmaking server correct?

    What are the limitations of this and would I be able to sell a game that people could just play with their friends and wouldn't have to connect to some big MMO version of a world just to play multiplayer? Am I correct in thinking the only way for someone to play just with their friends would be to make a multiplayer lobby for my game where people can find each other and play alone or is that not even possible?

    I am concerned that If I launch a big product and multiplayer suddenly goes down one day that it will have a negative impact on the game and the expectation of my future games from potential customers.

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  • There is no official information indicating that lan was ever a possibility. Its html5, always will be. No such connection is feasible let alone doable.

    The server on the store is there so you can ensure 100% uptime on your own server, without having to write the software yourself.

    You can make a multiplayer game via other technologies, such as websockets, or Phaser, or Firebase, and Parse.

    While they are not peer to peer, you can set them up however you like, and even host your own server. Those servers are either self hosted, or via third party. Some require you to write software, some don't.

  • Thanks for your reply newt! I think most of the confusion here is me not understanding how multiplayer works in general probably along with misreading something out there that I can't find again. This is the best utility that I have found out there and I am just clearing up my last bit of concerns before I launch something that requires a lot of time investment. Your feedback is very helpful and makes me more confident in getting further involved with this development system.

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