Dead dropbox links for capx files? what the..

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  • Hi guys,

    So i've been exploring the forums a bit. And noticed that around 50% of all uploaded capx files are down.

    Are people deleting their uploaded examples? or does the dropbox service just suck big time?

    Because i was wondering, if i should create an upload service for scirra users, where download links will stay alive.

    Its really, sad when you have searched for some time, and then finally find a capx, but then its dead. Its getting on my nerves :P

  • I have noticed the same issue. It's especially bad when there's really promising looking Tutorial and the files ain't there anymore. Why this happen? Well, I can only make some guesses.

    Perhaps some people have given up game making (or at least C2) entirely? Or perhaps they have run out of room at the shared disk and cleaned up the oldest stuff.

    I know that I have linked here couple test capx that had no other intention than to be a quick help to those asking various question. In a sense, those have already filled their purpose, but I think I'll leave them on in case someone later sees the thread.

    At the same time.. I'd like to see some administrative cleanup done at tutorials + scirra arcade.. Especially the arcade has plenty of pure **** in it. I can't talk for Scirra (and don't know their intentions) but IMHO those 'games' give really bad impression of the potential C2 has.

  • Free dropbox accounts are limited in their space and their bandwidth usage.

    People could have deleted things to make room, or accounts could be over useage limits.

  • I use a free account of dropbox for all my capx uploads and have no problems with it.

  • Tom Ashley

    i believe all .capx files should be collected automatically from you guys and stored on your server so they can be available for all present and future searches by all forum members.i do not believe that take all that much space on your server and bandwidth shouldn't be high.i mean how many .capx files are downloaded daily?

  • Hmm thats weird Rojohound, i dont think around 50% of all uploaders delete their examples.. It might be a bandwidth restriction as pointed out.

    Or maybe some files are deleted automaticly after a period of time?

  • In addition to deletions, the dead links could possibly be caused by renamings of files and folders within Dropbox. The files aren't automatically deleted by Dropbox.

    The developers are reworking the forum engine. I do like the feature request for allowing Scirra to host CAPX files. But, rather than being collected automatically, the may eventually be a button in the replies that says "Host file".

    In the meantime, I guess we can all ask the creators of the CAPXs to write a short Tutorial (not in the forum) where it already provides the means of uploading CAPXs. And, if they don't want to submit the tutorial, then we can write a quick one so that all the future C2 users would have the files available.

  • I think people just delete things from their dropboxes from time to time. Tom's working on a forum upgrade which can attach files to posts so hopefully that will solve it!

  • Sounds great Ashley, its my only critic on the forum, its nice and simply now. But that feature would be awesome!

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  • Yeah, it's a problem inherent to hosting with a service like dropbox.

  • How can I upload a capx to the forums.....I tried to upload my capx from dropbox but I get an error that says I can'y upload hyper links

  • How can I upload a capx to the forums.....I tried to upload my capx from dropbox but I get an error that says I can'y upload hyper links

    This feature is only if you contribute a tutorial that requires a capx.

    In the forums itself everyone uses dropbox or copy.

    I like copy as it offers more space personally and have a folder specific for scirra. Others using dropbox etc end up moving folders around which causes dead links. Or they remove file due to storage limitations.

    EDIT: Also if you trying to insert a link to your drop box you might have a problem as you don't have enough rep points. Don't worry its really easy to get your first 1000 rep points. Just read the manual, and participate in learning C2.

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