Most up to date way of making an APK

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  • If you haven't checked it out already, I've compiled a list of successful Intel XDK builds with a few Ad options here:

    Would like to learn other methods in the near future but for now I have to complete and publish my 2 games.

  • But problem isnt build or publish.. Problem is warranty of 100% compatibility with all devices with no issues.. I think problem isnt use XDK or other framework because all of them use same crosswalk runtimes. Problens are those fragmented api's updates that changing lot of tyings everytime.. Sorry my english ><

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  • You shouldn't rely on those services. Instead you should try building your own apk's using the cordova command line tool.

    Here is a tutorial I've made on the topic : ... ng-cordova

    It is all about the config.xml file, which holds all the configuration settings of your game and the plugins that will be downloaded by the cordova cli to be used in your game.

    By default, C2 adds a couple of lines to the file so that cordova installs the webview plugin alongside the file and http plugins.

    Do a search on how to include cordova plugins in the config.xml.

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