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  • Sorry for the possible confusing thread title!


    I was wondering as I made a custom high score table/database in a game, and that used a couple of PHP files, and within Construct 2 it used the AJAX events to do real time updating of the high scores from the database while in game. Now this was all well and fine as it was exported as purely html5.

    Now If I wanted to include the same high score table and custom database, would that still work like normal even if I exported the game to iOS and Android devices?

    That's all, thanks guys!

  • I tried the same thing, but i wasnt able to make it work. I think it has to do with cross-browser security or something.

    Please let me know if you find a solution! :- )

  • have you looked into JSONP (json with padding)? this technique is known to be used on mobile apps to avoid CORS problems.

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  • It works exactly the same. I do this with my current project: fully tested on Android and it's working perfectly. iOS I can assume will work, but I'll have to confirm once it's live.

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