Current (8-2015) best mobile export option?

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  • I'm wanting to hear from experienced users of multiple mobile export options. What is in your opinion currently the best and easiest for a game with few (or perhaps no) plugins? My focus is on performance. Also, is one better than the others for export to android or iOS? The main options I see mentioned are:

    Intel XDK



    Thank you.

  • I often read that XDK is stable, clunky and kind of slow. Cocoon sounds like it's fast but sometimes has more issues (including the current pricing plan). I don't really have any idea how Phonegap and Ejecta perform compared to the others.

  • As far as I could gather, cocoon (by that I mean canvas+ for android (?) and webview+ for iOS8) gives the best resukts performances wise, but (canvas+) can be a bother sometimes due to compatibility with C2 issues.

    Crosswalk is chrome for android, it just is, while it is also possible to use cordova plugins for a lower level control of the device, it is not a really powerful solution as far as perfs goes, and it adds a fixed size for every single project, even the tinyest one (basically adds the chromium engine on top of your game) however as far as I know it is completely free.

    Cordova (and phonegap) is basically having your game run in the device webview (although in iOS I heard issues were presents, you will have to search about that), jnder android lollipop, it is not good enough, under iOS8, it is not good enough, however there are quite a lot of plugins to add functionnalities.

    Ejecta, I am not sure it works with C2 anymore, I though it did not but I could be wrong, I still think it was not as good as webview+ on iOS8.

    I talk as someone who does not use any of those solutions (actually I kind of think wrapping a C2 game in those is stupid and using C2 only to go to the web export is the way to go, but that's just me), so the informations may not be up to date.

    All of those solutions can be used with in game advertisements, even though I don't know how or if there are issues.

  • Last weeks I reviewed the most part of the exporters that you meant, I recently published my first game on Google Play and is waiting for acceptance on App Store.

    You can test the game here: ... ez.trapped

    I used Cordova + Crosswalk 14 without have issues. I was just following the tutorials and the suggestions made by Scirra, so after a few code optimization, and tested from 4.1.1 to 4.4.2 it was working pretty good.

    Awesome tools (both Construct2 and XDK). Thanks!!

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  • Thank you both for the input.

  • Neither Cocoon.js Canvas+ nor Ejecta are either officially supported. The Intel XDK, PhoneGap Build and the Cocoon webviews all build probably identical apps using Cordova, of which Intel XDK is simply the cheapest, because it's free!

  • Thank you Ashley - I chose C2 some time ago to work on the games I've wanted to make and have never regretted that!

  • I have tried all the export options to Android and Phonegap is the one that gave me the best performance and the less bugs! Strangely...

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