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  • I've now attempted to use Crosswalk/Intel XDK twice to export 2 separate projects to Android, While the export and installation on the phone were successful, the performance of both apps was awful, with a FPS of less than 5, to the point where I can't see this as a viable publishing route. Am I perhaps doing something wrong; missing steps somewhere? Has anyone else experienced crippling performance with Crosswalk?

    EDIT: Both apps were tested on a 2013 HTC One, so I can't seriously consider my phone as the problem, as if this phone can't handle a Crosswalk app, then there's no way its a publishing option.

  • maybe it's because of the blacklisted gpu? ... 14-edition

  • It shouldn't be the phone model, cause I am using the m7 version and everything works fine. How is the performance when you test it out on your pc?

  • How does it perform in Chrome for Android? Is it the same? Have you looked at the "identifying GPU blacklisting in Chrome" steps here?:

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  • The game I am currently attempting to port (titled Invasion) has been tested without issue on the following platforms:

    All of these on multiple PCs ranging from gaming desktops to low-end consumer laptops: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer

    It is also published in the Windows 8 store & Chrome Web stores with no serious performance issue observed on any device

    Here's a link if you wanna check it out:

    Samsung Chromebook - no issues


    HTC One (2013) - Chrome - easily 40 - 60 FPS

    HTC One S (2012) - Chrome - 10 - 40 FPS, but playable

    Galaxy S2 - Stock Browser - 10 - 25 FPS, with crappy resolution, but still playable

    IPhone 5s - Safari - easily 40 - 60 FPS

    The other game was tested on the HTC One back in February using Chrome, it was merely a POC with a crappy architecture that gave crappy performance, but while it was playable in Chrome (at ~15-25 FPS), porting it with the XDK dropped the performance significantly to where it would barely load.

  • Bump

    As the tests illustrate, my game runs fine across a variety of devices through the browser, but takes a drastic performance hit when exported through Crosswalk.

  • Did you check what Chrome said for GPU blacklisting?

  • Chrome for Android and Crosswalk are two different things.

    Even if Chrome for Android will show full hardware acceleration for canvas2d and webgl,that does not mean you will get the same in Crosswalk.

  • Canvas is hardware accelerated in Chrome.

    Tested the APK on the Galaxy S2, and on that phone it was playable with a half-decent frame rate most of the time, but the resolution was extremely low, and with rampant graphical glitches and unpredictable orientation behavior (even though I thought I opted to lock the orientation in the XDK), I wouldn't consider it release worthy.

    Unless I'm missing something, it seems to me that when it comes down to it, Crosswalk is a cool concept, but far from a viable solution for any kind of production environment, as opposed to the Windows 8 or Chrome exporters. I just wish it was advertised as such, because as it stands I certainly can't publish a game with it. Is this the case, or is there something else I need to do get consistent, reliable performance?

  • Chrome for Android and Crosswalk are two different things.

    They're based on the same browser engine, so in theory they should work very similarly.

    thundercracker - you didn't mention what it said for WebGL. For best performance it needs a non-blacklisted GPU with hardware-accelerated WebGL support. You should also test in Chrome - you didn't say what browser you used on the S2, and the Android stock browser doesn't even support GPU acceleration so is going to be very slow. Chrome can use GPU acceleration if it hasn't blacklisted the driver, so can be a lot faster. The S2 is pretty old now anyway - it was released over 3 years ago - and old non-Google Android devices are pretty problematic when it comes to GPU blacklisting. Newer devices like the S4 and S5 should perform far better, mainly because their GPUs are not blacklisted. I think Crosswalk will be getting an option to ignore the GPU blacklist soon so that might give you more options for getting things to work better on older devices.

  • Ashley agree, but in theory

    Currently on my S3 I have best results with chrome for android (which for my S3 shows hardware acceleration for canvas and webgl and actually is using webgl - all flags are default). Crosswalk on the other hand is still using only canvas (not sure if its accelerated or not) and that's the fun thing, why chrome for android have always support and use webgl on my phone, but crosswalk can't.

    We can only wait for Intel to do their stuff and fix blacklisting for crosswalk.

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