Construct2's horrible audio controller

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  • I will take a look, this is how I tried doing it.

    But it does not work.

    I'll check out your .capx.

  • Forgot to add that every sound added (about 20-25 sounds), has the tag main. Still no effect when trying to mute, set the volume down or anything other.

    I cant figure out how I mute every sound. I checked the manual that says there is a silent-mode, but I cant find it anywhere.

    Is there no good way to mute every sound with one button?

    If I get no answer I'll try asking in the "how do i...?" forum:)

  • From the how do I FAQ: Volume control on a sound played - LINK

    The logic to mute should be the same as to control the volume.

    The capx is specific to the topic mentionned, but let's hope it can help you figure out your issue.

  • I have figured away to mute every sound, but now I'm struggling with how to toggle it back.

    I solved it by naming every sound like this:


    Then when the play function calls the sound I used:

    varMute & varPlayer & "Sound" & floor(random(1, 3))

    This worked very good, until I try it with the button.

    You can see how I did the button on the picture over. But it wont work at all, not with every variable in the world.

  • Found a forum post with a helpful answer from Kyatric, ill try this method:)

  • I have a bigger problem: Once compiladed the game, I installed the APK in a tablet android 4.0, but none of the actions to control background audio work at all �neither the STOP, nor the MUTED, nor volumen-. When using the game in a PC, it works pretty well, but in the android doesn�t. I tried it in CocoonJs launcher and the actions do not work. To be sure it wasn�t the lanzador I uploaded the .zip of my project to the Cocoon cloud, but the actions to control background audio didn�t work either. Do you know how to solve this problem for mobiles? All the solutions I have seen so far, are for web versions. Is it necessary to do some update of the CONSTRUCT? I will appreciate a lot an answer from any CONSTRUCT2 developer. It is pretty urgent. Thanks a lot.

  • what is the browser used on the android device?

  • to the OP:

    use arrays

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  • Came to this post by accident. But another way to mute would be to load an audio file with only silence as mute.

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