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  • yeah i understand but what im trying to say its that we cant just wait for the new super ultra smarth phones to start publishing our games.

    What game are you trying to make that runs so slow for you? Any screenshots/vid?

    My own example is the WORSE you could do to optimize for mobiles and it performs fine on older hardware.

  • its a physics, we are doing the best we can to get a good perfomance reading a lot of tutorials but that take us a lot of time, here are some pics of my game:

    we cant show any video until the game gets fully polished.

    hope you like it.

  • Ok it's a problem then, CocoonJS is STILL buggy with physics acceleration. Have you tried various physics option in Construct 2? There's some new options lately in recent C2 builds, CocoonJS native physics, which in theory CocoonJS should accelerate.. I could not get it accelerate it so I had to minimize physic usage in my game. But seeing as your game is based on physics its not an option for you.. my best advice is contact Ludei and ask them about physics acceleration.

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  • thats a good idea, we are using the new physics and someone told us to not to use the cocoonjs physics because ashley lost contact with ludei and they arent working with C2 anymore (or something like that), we had increase the perfomance with the physics to gain +10 fps in the game but we keep having spikes of framerate.

    something that we did to get a better perfomance was to dissable collisions when the objects arent in use.

  • Also experiment with using Bullet, Rotate/Spin, Sine, etc with triggers On Collision and Random/Choose.

    There is a LOT of physics-like visuals you can achieve without even touching Physics at all. It just requires extra work and out-of-the-box thinking but it runs with no extra overhead.

    My own game, every projectile was handled by physics, forces and impulse.. look great, works great.. on PC. On mobile it ran like a slideshow due to lack of acceleration. I had to redesign the entire game around not touching Box2D physics at all, and it still came out looking great and playing great, but much much faster.

  • Yeah, physics alone is very intensive and can hit the framerate on mobile quite hard unless something like cocoonjs's physics acceleration is used. I'm not sure about the performance with crosswalk, but it's worth looking into on android. Does anyone know if it supports the asm.js physics?

    Games without physics aren't hit nearly as hard.

  • we are using the asm.js physics and its work pretty good in crosswalk but we dont have a balance number of fps yet.

  • Ashley The blog post you linked to is incredibly informative and I've found myself referring to it several times. Might you consider reposting it under the tutorial section so it can be translated and favourited?

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