Construct2 - Just for prototyping?

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  • SgtConti : at the end, C2 is the core on one side (plugins and behaviors), and the logic on the other side, which IMO is the best for non programmers. Heck I am pretty sure programing a game tradittionnally will also lead to that at the end, since it is well organised.

    Also, about non primitive arrays, I ve always though array in programming where one dimensionnal, could be wrong though

  • > Even the fastest programmer in the world couldn't get a platformer up and running from scratch as quickly as it can be done in C2, and there's lots of time savings throughout the program like that.


    Don't let Tommy Refenes hear that

    Could he really get a platformer up and running from scratch in about 15 seconds? Even using libraries, I imagine it would take longer to add them and use them. I apologize if I'm wrong on the matter.

  • There is no mip-mapping, no possibility to launch the games at different resolutions.

    C2 has scale modes and does have the capability of switching resolutions. It also automatically uses mipmapping - although perhaps you mean using it in a different way than I'm thinking of? C2 uses them to make downscaled assets look sharper.

  • Oh, thank you for the clarification

  • What all this really boils downs to is this:

    • If you know little javaScript, Construct 2 makes it incredibly easy for you to make a game without any knowledge.
    • If you are a programmer and very comfortable with javaScript, there are other libraries that allow you direct access to the code and would be a better suited for your needs. You don't need learn the shortcuts C2 provides.
    • "C2 is better for prototyping, but not for making a professional game" is an opinion. It's not true for everyone. Most likely, those people have a personal preference like programming in a different language or like to have direct access to javascript.
    • You can make professional games with C2, as C2 is a very powerful program. It won't cripple your game as there is almost always a work around.
    • C2 has the nicest and most helpful community, in my opinion, than any other that I have experienced. Many other communities have very little patience for noobs.

    Just try it out and if you like it, cool. If not, here's a list of other options:

  • Performance seems to be the biggest issue regarding html5 but people need to realize that its still fairly new, and if your an amateur programming regardless of the language you use (java,javascript,C,C#) your going to have a tough time scripting a whole game on its own with standard libraries. I have tried different frameworks with javascript and its much more effort then what C2 is capable of doing. For a cheap cost your saving a ton of time on debugging and your saving general development time. (I mainly use unity now but I find construct 2 fun to use, and still believe its practical for commercial purposes)

    Majority of people who complain about performance are usually the ones that haven't considered the already available optimization methods while developing their game. Since html5 is fairly new technology and javascript is one of the slowest languages to use, you need to consider optimizing the game beforehand to compensate for these drawbacks, which is more then possible with Construct 2. Many can use C2 but haven't mastered it.

    Someone experienced with programming would be able to create quick games in a matter of days, games that are runnable on most devices. If your a programmer, C2 allows you to execute javascript commands which is a plus. You can also create your own plugins for the game engine to add additional functionality. We even have wrappers such as cocoonjs,crosswalk and phonegap for mobile performance boosts. They all use a simple cloud compilation format so its even less effort to get games working on mobile devices.

    Unity is a viable option but you need programming knowledge (javascript, C#), even then you need experience optimizing the games created using the engine to have it working on majority of devices.

    The morale of the story is that a great game creator can use limited resources to build a decent product regardless of what their using as long as they have the knowledge to do so. This involves learning programming in general to debug on any tool, understanding image compression and such for optimization, and mastering a tool of your choice whether its C2 or unity.

    That being said, I will list some personal drawbacks for construct 2:

    1. The updates after R168 have a bit of issues on native browsers for older samsung devices (S2,S3,Galaxy nexus). This is bad for anyone that wants their games sponsored, but even so there are workarounds. But it would be nice if it was fixed.

    2. The scirra team keeps posting templates of popular titles which ruins the fun out of creating the game yourself. When the flappy bird template came out, we had thousands of flappy bird clones. Although it's a marketing ploy it would probably make the engine more professional if we didn't have so many template options that kinda does everything for you. This is one of the main reasons why we have so many people that aren't able to master C2 and complain about it. Hopefully they make less templates of popular titles in the future.

  • The fact C2 can enable one to create games much faster than using computer programming is, for me, from a creativity addict's point of view, one of the greatest values - and perhaps is the greatest value - it offers. Time is finite, and you can't add any. But a platform like C2 significantly lessens the time it takes to make a game, and thereby frees up more time to create more games, to implement more new ideas. With C2, more freed time = more creativity. Let game programmers walk on the ground programming code in games while C2 game makers can fly so much faster over the ground.

  • This question has been asked before and answered. It's somwhere a few months ago.

    C2 is for prototyping as much as Unity is.

    However it must be made clear that while C2 is super duper easy to get into. It's also requires super duper dilligence in good game design. I have never seen the possibility of such poor design for programs since Basic. A lot of languages today structure themselves to make sure you can't make super duper bad code.

    As an example C#, Java are pretty rigid.. but C2 ES is prone for nw C2 devs to mess up badly .

  • It depends on the resource/money of designer.

    If designer has a lot of resource/money to make an engine, or buy an AAA engine, then C2 is a prototyping tool.

    If designer does not have enough resource/money, C2 is enough to make a commercial produce, in some restrictions (for example, performance issues in mobile).

    The better performance, the more (and more) cost.

  • rexrainbow that's good advice

  • I remember when Unity was for prototyping and making toy games. oh how far Unity has gone.

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  • I remember when Unity was for prototyping and making toy games. oh how far Unity has gone.

    Same probably could be said about game maker/studio.

    What Im not really fond with construct2 is pricing model, its not really sustainable. Once they will fill userbase and only small ammount of people will keep buying it wont be profitable to them and they might need to find new ways to monetize.

    im just hoping for the best for team because its really extraordinary tool to make html5 games.

  • C2 is not perfect it does have some areas where I think it would be nice if it was better, Handling lots of units seems to make it suffer a bit. Pathfinding is not working that well, some UI improvements would help a lot, even though in general it is quite good I think. The annoying problem with newly created objects and so on.

    But when that is said C2 is a fast tool for making games, offers a lot of feature and is constantly expanding. When I got it there was nothing like multiplayer support, light and shadows functionality which have just been added, and even though its needs some updating I think, it shows that they do a lot to expand it.

    For me its more about choosing the right tool for the right job. If you are a programmer with lots of experience in using Unity and you want to make 3D games then you would probably not go to C2.

    But if you are not very experienced in programming or doesn't care to much for 3D or the time needed to program a 3D game, then C2 is a great tool. But that doesn't mean that C2 is only good for prototyping, which I think it is and is a great quality in it self. But you can make good games in it and personally some of the best games ever made in my opinion have neither multiplayer support or fancy light and shadows, but they have gameplay that are far superior to most of the new 3d games that hit the market, which suffers from just having great graphic, but very poor gameplay.

    So if you have no interest in games like that then why not just use a tool like C2.

    This is from another page about Binding of Isaac which could easily be made in C2:

    [quote:1v6112ra]The Binding of Isaac co-creator Edmund McMillen recently revealed that the game has sold more than two million copies during a recent YouTube interview.

    Speaking with Northernlion, McMillen said that the game continues to build momentum.

    "In the first year we sold a million copies, and now we're already up to two million," McMillen said. "It's nuts ... It would be awesome [for the remake] to come out before the end of the year."

    If you could make a game like that and sell that well, why should you care or why should it matter whether other people call the tool you are using only good for prototyping or not.

  • > I remember when Unity was for prototyping and making toy games. oh how far Unity has gone.


    Same probably could be said about game maker/studio.

    What Im not really fond with construct2 is pricing model, its not really sustainable. Once they will fill userbase and only small ammount of people will keep buying it wont be profitable to them and they might need to find new ways to monetize.

    im just hoping for the best for team because its really extraordinary tool to make html5 games.

    Your right. And for about 2 years I've been saying that Scirra should open up an IDE asset store. Where deveopers can share CAPX, Plugins and modular CAPX that work like plugins. They can be put up for free or for a cost. If it's for a cost then Scirra get's a slice.

    However. Regardless of their pricing model. That has little impact on how much it's a fantastic tool. I do agree there are stuff in C2 I would really like. Or some stuff that should change. But that is a discussion for another time and matter. Not here.

    C2 is more than just prototyping. However if that's what someone wants to use to prototype. Then yeah C2 is is the best 2d prototype out there. brining it home however... C2 has some hurdles.

  • jayderyu - Open an asset store? Like Steam Workshop or Unity Asset Store?

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