Can Construct2 handle a game with lots of dynamic music?

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  • I'm going to be making a game that will have many, many music pieces (at least 30-40), with each piece having an alternate version that will play during certain scenarios. Is this too much for Construct2 to handle? Will the game take forever to load, every time someone goes to play it? Will the music lag behind?

  • for PC or Android/iOS?

  • for PC or Android/iOS?


  • Even the sounds are not solid for HTML5. I don't think it is a good idea to have that much musics in an HTML5 Game, right now.

  • Even the sounds are not solid for HTML5. I don't think it is a good idea to have that much musics in an HTML5 Game, right now.

    I might switch over to another engine for this project, then. Construct2 is a great engine, but I need something that can handle lots of music for this project in particular.

  • if you handle them well there shouldn't be any problem, even with c2.

    music won't lag, nor will sounds lag, but your game's download will increase because of size. but that will happen no matter what engine you use. optimize your mp3's or whatever files you use for size and quality, and you will get the best possible option.

  • Even the sounds are not solid for HTML5. I don't think it is a good idea to have that much musics in an HTML5 Game, right now.

    Why? They're never going to play all at once, I don't see why Construct 2 couldn't handle 30-40, or 200 songs for that fact. The only thing a large soundtrack would do is increase the file size to download or install, I can't think of any reason there would be slow down unless the bit-rate is astronomical, but that's limited to a max of 192kbps by Construct 2 so it's never lag due to that.

  • Nesteris It might be my bad but since I often had problems with audio in my mobile games, I don't recommend it. I don't blame C2, it seems browsers and exports are not solid for audio.

  • Nesteris

    Could be that the mobile devices you were testing on don't have the horsepower to play the music at the same time it's rendering the game.

    But it really comes down to one important question, are these problems appearing for you in PREVIEW or in EXPORTED versions?

    Because I've had tons of problems with audio in Preview, even submitted bug reports (but Ashley kept dismissing them, even though I eventually got it to under 40 events, kept saying it's still too much).

    For me, the audio usually works in Preview if it's browser, but if I use NW.js it can derp up. Haven't tried any mobiles though.

    I know that debugger usually gets the sound playing correctly, at least in browser preview.

    As for export, no bugs there. Yet.

  • the biggest problem I can see is the fact chrome for android (and so crosswalk) are so slow at decoding audio it is comical (on some devices, the ratio of decoding time between firefox and chrome can be up as 5 or even 10 maybe), so slow that downloading the sound is not as long as decoding it, which means that you have to wait a long time before it actually plays when you called it the first time, which for synced audio, is not great.

    cocoonJS however, I have no idea.

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  • wasn't webaudio introduced shortly before ? since then i think audio isn't a problem anymore. plus sounds preload from some version of construct (170+) and it's fukken awesome.

  • I've had no problems playing with dynamic music on desktop OR on Android. Running 10 looping (through code, not the default looping for audio) audio clips only seems to slow down loading so I can preload all of the audio.

    Most of the Android testing I've done has been through Crosswalk 10 on an Amazon Fire phone, not the fastest Android device by any means, and it handles the audio just fine.

    Just keep messing around with it, there's no real reason it shouldn't work. At least, no reasons that are C2 or HTML5 audio-specific.

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