How many Construct2 Developers in the USA

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  • The point of the thread is clearly stated in the original post. They're just trying to find out if there is any interest in the US based developers in the Scirra community to put their games and such onto the Windows 7 marketplace and, if there is, to find a way to make it easier for us to do so.

    John (the MS rep) has already stated that he is only able to work with people living in the US right now. It's not his call, and it's understandable why Microsoft would want to start off with just the US for now, and then branch out to other countries afterwards if it proves successful.

    The ones you should be mad at are us US based Construct 2 users if we don't make a big enough case for Microsoft to follow through with Construct 2 support! <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I am a Construct 2 user/developer living in the US (near Chicago, IL) and I am very interested in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace.

    Construct 2 is one of my favorite tools, and personally I enjoy the challenge of designing for as many platforms as possible. Limitations and differences among hardware encourage creative solutions.

    I'm happy to hear that Construct 2 games are running well on the Windows Phone 7 browser, as I haven't had the chance to try that out yet. Thanks for your interest and for reaching out to this community.

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  • Once again thanks for all the responses. Microsoft did not task me with reaching out to the Construct2 community. I decided to do that as I am very excited by the product and what it can do. I am based just outside of Chicago so naturally connecting with the US people first seems like a good idea although as a British guy I am of course looking to connect with any Scirra devloper who will consider targetting our platforms.

    In fact this morning I presented Scirra to my teams here at Microsoft. In addition as there were a few people with Birthdays I decided to build something with Construct2. So over an hour I read the tutorials then ended up building the next mega game - Birthday Blaster! :-)

    Now that I have code running my next task is to work with phone gap build to see what the output looks like.

    It was interesting last night that I only went halfway through the tutorial then switched into click and try mode and finished the game

    Great tool and I will keep responding on this thread as we learn more.

  • Im wondering about windows phone simulator that we can test c2 games using web browser or wrapped html5 app before to release

  • I missed this post earlier. I'm very, very interested in porting my Construct 2 game to Windows Phone 7 (and Windows 8 when I can put something in the store).

    I even, gasp, have a Windows 7 phone myself. Windows Phone is very cool but definitely lacks apps.

    If you can keep me in the loop, that would be great, and I'd be happy to dogfood my app for you.

    For more about my app, go to Bob Thulfram Books and Games.

    I'm not sure if it matters, but I live in Redmond, Washington, and share a zip code with your employer. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • If you can get a .xap file from the phonegap build tools you can then deploy that xap file directly into the emulator using the WP7 deployment tools that are free to download at

  • JonnyBritish I made a .xap with phonegap build, downloaded, and installed Windows Phone SDK 7.1. Then I ran the XAP Deployment Tool, and deployed my .xap into the windows phone emulator successfully without any problems. But I am not getting any audio on the emulator. Is this normal, is there a audio setting someplace on the emulator, or is this a Phonegap issue?

    The game I used to test windows 7 phone build with was a one level stripped down platformer wip with a 158 objects. lol I know a little to much for a html5 mobile game but I just wanted to push the limits to see how windows phone 7 compared with android. Surprisingly the game runs very well I am getting 30 fps on the emulator which is playable. And with the same build on an actual android phone I am getting a fluctuation between 7 fps, and 25 fps which is unplayable. When a game drops bellow 20 fps it freezes, and skips at points.

    I was wondering if Microsoft has any kind of factory direct deals on windows 7 phone devises for developers to use for testing purposes?

    By the way I live about a 2 hour drive north of Chicago in Wisconsin <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • JonnyBritish : I am a developer based in the USA, I do have access to a Windows Phone 7 (my personal phone).

    Last time I tried to export a C2 game using phone gap (Cordova) with Windows Phone 7, the "touch" buttons in my game did not work (the user touch events were being ignored). Searching in Google, I found out that that is a current limitation of Windows Phone 7's IE control.

    On a related note, I am currently working on a XNA exporter for Construct2, the youtube video shows that the generated XNA was able to run in the WinPhone emulator. It is still a work in progress, but I have not receive any help offer in the coding area, so I am the only coder in the project.

  • Very interested in this project.

    I am from Denmark. Why US only. Can i publish on US Market

  • When the heck can we put a game in the Windows 8 app market? The final beta is supposed to be in June. Construct can export games to Windows 8 now and the exported games work in Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Visual Studio. I wanna be first in line!

    The Mozilla marketplace will be open very soon and the Chrome Web Store is already open for business. Let a thousand App stores bloom.

  • I'm in the US and also interested. It's good to see that MS isn't overlooking HTML5 apps/games.

  • This may help

    Well, that certainly answered my question. Since I was planning to export my game using Scirra's Construct 2 HTML5 engine, I don't know if my app can meet the user interface guidelines. It's an HTML5 app, and Scirra has made an exporter for Windows 8. But I don't think it will even come close to very strict guidelines that your link linked to.

    I understand that you want the early apps in the app store to be outstanding and you've learned your lesson from the Windows 7 Phone apps, but I feel the standards are way too high.

    Ashley, does the Construct 2 export for Windows 8 follow these guidelines?

    UX Guidelines for Metro Style Apps

    These are HTML5 games, not applications! If one looks in the Apple app store, a very large percentage of the store are games! I can understand UI guidelines for apps, but not games. Run it, play it, have fun.

    In case you're curious, here's an early version of the game I'd like to put in the app store. It works in Windows 8 just fine. Visual Studio can compile it. It doesn't contain anything offensive. Tilt-A-Twirl I've already put it in Chrome app store and it is going in the Mozilla store next week.

  • I'm currently developing several games using Construct2 and would be interested in being able to get my games onto the Windows 7 & 8 app stores for phones and PC.

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