Construct 2 now on Steam Greenlight!

  • Thanks for all your support again everyone, we're still #1 on Greenlight and as far as I can see the only 5 star rated software!

  • Tom How long does it take for a decision?

  • FYI, my queue will not show C2 even if I add all genres when I customize.

  • Thanks for all your support again everyone, we're still #1 on Greenlight and as far as I can see the only 5 star rated software!

    and deservedly so...

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  • voted. Good luck!

  • FYI, my queue will not show C2 even if I add all genres when I customize.

    Make sure you are viewing Software tab, then "Items you've voted for" checked if you've voted already.

  • I have no doubt it will be added! Looking good!

  • Voted! :)

  • Am I the only one on the planet who hates Steam? Picture this: I go to GamersGate, Direct2Drive, or any other site, buy a game there, download the game there... and have to install Steam to use it. Even if I buy a physical copy of a game in the store, I have to install Steam.

    Now do the other way around, and buy a game on Steam. You still have to have Steam installed, but you don't even need to know that there are alternatives. How come this is ok with everyone? Steam is trying their best to get a monopoly in the online client-marked. Sure, things like Origin, Games for Windows Live and UPlay isn't much better, but at least they only have a small selection of games. (and in Ubisoft's case, they mostly have only their own games.) Steam, on the other hand, is spreading on to Linux, Mac and consoles. And this is ok with everyone?

    Even better, I've contacted the Steam customer support many times to get them to tell me why Steam is forced on us, but they can't give me a proper answer. All they do is tell me to post on the forum (to let it drown...) or that it's a third party decision if a game should be on Steam. Sigh... and again, people are fine with this crap?

    So no, I will never, ever vote to get something on Steam. I will, however, drop a few dozen votes to not get it on Steam.

  • So... Your complaints boil down to "a lot of games use Steam"? And WHY is that a bad thing? Also, your use of the term 'monopoly' is not particularly solid - it tends to be thrown around a lot at anything that happens to be really big, but Steam is not even trying to be a monopoly, there's nothing stopping other services from trying to be big, but the big difference between them and Steam, is features.

    A lot of games use Steam, as do a lot of people, because it's a great service. That's it. Nothing else can remotely compare. In a single client, you have an in-client store (including wonderful deals that you'll rarely find elsewhere, even in retail), a single convenient game library that can also include non-Steam games, automatic updating, cloud saves, chatting, friend and group lists, and other community features, Steam Workshop lets you check out new content for certain games that other people have made (levels, mods, etc), and Greenlight makes it easier for Indies to get into the service, now that the community can give their say. Its offline mode is a tad stuffy, but that's a relatively minor issue.

    Honestly, the only reason I can think of for anyone to really hate it is if they loathe any kind of DRM on principle, despite the fact that Steam is pretty much the only form of 'DRM' out there that actually provides a good deal of benefit and value to the consumer.

  • Got my vote. Good luck !

  • Constructinator Candescence

    We're aware some people are against Steam and Greenlight, but in our case we think we stand only to gain from it. We're not going to take any kind of exclusive deal, so if you don't like Steam you can always just buy via our site as usual. And if we are on Steam, we potentially reach a far wider audience than we would otherwise.

  • My problem with Steam isn't that it's a bad service. Quite the contrary, I think it's a great service (just like most other identifal services). What I hate about it is that it's forced down our throats whether we want it or not. Once a game is on Steam, you (usually) have no alternative but to use Steam - even if you bought a physical copy of the game in a store.

  • Well, hopefully that won't be an issue with us - we plan to keep distributing via our site. We don't know for sure how Steam's store works, but we will also try to ensure users who have already purchased a license can also use it on Steam as well, should we get accepted.

  • Ashley its not a matter off should get accepted ,its a matter off when you get accepted.Scirra and Construct2 are the best and deserves the best.

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