Construct 2 and Steam

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  • There are a few games not having the SDK included in the game.

    All you need to know is:

    • No Achievements
    • No Steam DRM (you can play them without having steam running)

    Should not be a problem at all.

  • Since this thread was bumped anyway, I just thought I'd share some info about getting a game on Steam.

    If you don't have a publisher pushing your game, one thing Steam/Valve will use to assess your game is MetaCritic. If you can get at least 4 reviews (enough for a MetaCritic score) and an average score of over 60, then your game stands a good chance of getting accepted on Steam. This was from a contact at a publisher who was able to get info from Steam/Valve after a game I worked on wasn't accepted on Steam after 3 applications - we had no other feedback up until that point.

    You can check for reviewers used by MetaCritic here -> - this will let you prioritise who you submit your game to for review. Just go to the website of the reviewers, find their Contact page and look for an email address or form you can use to submit your game.

    For example, if you developed a game and you released it as a mobile app, you could contact these app focused reviewers to up your metacritic score before applying to Steam (after you used an exe wrapper, of course).

    All submissions should be sent to

    For PR, editorial, to organise reviews or submit assets for games please contact Paul Byron via email (paul[at]appgamer[dot]net) and Chris Thompson at (christh[at]appgamer[dot]net)

    Submission form at

  • There are a few games not having the SDK included in the game.

    All you need to know is:

    - No Achievements

    - No Steam DRM (you can play them without having steam running)

    Should not be a problem at all.

    Achievements would be awesome though! :)

  • Thanks for the info OddConfection, I didn't know not having a MetaCritic score would impact your chances. <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Doesn't matter any more, with Steam Greenlight coming out in a month.

  • I don't know much about programming but do you think it would be possible to create some kind of wrapper for the Steamworks API using the Construct 2 SDK? If I remember correctly this has been done in some other programing languages. I think if someday some C2 games could get on Steam, it would be nice to have the achievements and stats at least, specially since Steam Greenlight will launch soon.

    For instance this wrapper is for XNA and Unity:

  • I'm not interested in achievements or using them in my games, but I think I'd probably put them in anyway because it would be interesting to track statistics of players (like how many get upto a specific level or use a certain feature).

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  • Wow, I'd never heard of Steam Greenlight before. That sounds pretty great! I honestly don't care all too much about achievements or any extra features -- I mean, it'd be great to have them, but releasing without them is better than not releasing at all.

    Would we NEED to incorporate their API to release it? Not sure how that all works.

  • Aint Desura is better choise? Looks like indie-friendlier than steam - all those mods etcEasier to get onto? Yes. More profitable? Not even close.

    Nothing prevents you from submitting the game on both services though.

  • ive read ALOT about steam, and its nothing to do with exceptions, you have to keep posting your game to them, as they usually reject them instantly without looking at them when you first apply, theyre a tiny team, read up on it :)

    There right, theres games like stealth bastard deluxe and hotline miami, each game maker games and yet they've made it, you see it depends on how many votes you get not on there opinion because it you get alot of positive votes in a bit they'll look at the game and most likely accept it since it actually takes no money to post a game on steam for them they only make money, and they do it because if people want it people will pay so they wont just reject you but if your game is unapealling to the public than they wont waste there time on your game. Also yea i know im posting this like 1 year after everyone else.... man to think that they said there'd soon be a port for steam and here we are a year later, no offense

  • o wait i just noticed, you'd be right nm sorry cause those werent hits before but it is not about spamming steam

  • TRANDO101 this is an old topic which occurred before steam added their Greenlight system.

  • Yea i know, i just noticed that as well

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