Construct 2 relase 200 is coming

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  • Im wondering what we still need in C2 before relases of Construct 2 run out

    I think add to media folder movies like mp4 file

    What you think guys?

  • Picking up previously-placed tiles from the layout to place elsewhere (essentially copy/paste).

    The tilemap object, with all the work that went into it, that we waited all this time for, is just about useless without this feature. Not only will it allow us to reuse complex tile arrangements, structures, etc. but it will speed up production 10 fold. It will also give us a better view of the tiles we're working with because you can zoom in the layout.

    Center-orientation will be great too, so we can change the size of a tilemap object without losing/shifting tiles.

  • Full Box2d Web physics, instead of the current physics setup which is limited like a demo version.

    Spritefont+ made native.

    A Tween behavior like LiteTween.

    The tilemap object could do with a scaling option in the editor (for hi res upscaling), but that's just me....

    There's not much else I think is deficient with the current C2 setup - most limitations I encounter are to do with my imagination rather than the power of the engine.

  • IMO the Tilemap object has been the biggest letdown.

    All it would need is just a few extra tweaks, and it could have been the ideal way for new and old users to create their levels. As it is, it's all but useless. After importing a tilemap sheet, it's just about impossible to see the correct tile without a magnify option. Also, as already mentioned, been able to select and move, copy etc is essential.

    I can't see any of this happening for C2, but fingers crossed that C3 comes with a built-in level editor, or at the very least, an enhanced Tilemap object.

  • Yeah I assume it'll be addressed in C3 but that could be another year or two...we've already waited since CC for tile support, come on...

    I can't believe I'm actually considering different engines entirely because I can't use freaking tiles - you know, the basis of 2D level construction for 3 decades.

    TMX Importer + Sprites as tiles = bullsh*t (performance killer, unmanageable tilesets, snags when loading, insanely long preview/export times, bad workflow)

    TMX Importer + Tilemap objects = bullsh*t (incompatible. I've tried many times many ways)

    Tilemap object importing .tmx files = bullsh*t (ridiculous & impractical workflow)

    Tilemap object by itself = bullsh*t (too inefficient)

    Off topic but what I really want for C3 is for it to stop doing things its own unique (and often less efficient) way. Ashley is so against "reinventing the wheel" yet does it all the time. /rant

  • Tokinsom

    Preaching to the converted, old son!

    I had such high hopes for the Tilemap. Ideally, it would have been on a par with the one from the Torque engine Unfortunately, it turned out to be a half-baked addon that is not really fit for purpose.

    New users should have the tools at their disposable straight from the off, and not have to struggle as much as they do now.

  • Not sure You noticed but most of the "big features" were added... just to be added. After that, hell with them.

    SpriteFont - make a dozen of events for each font just to set spacing between letters. Nice, SpriteFont+ let's you do this by pasting text into properties = 0 useless events.

    Shadow Light - yup, if you want your entire game use one single light only then you can use it. Just remember to stay away from solids cause they will mess up your shadows. Otherwise useless.

    Tilemap - posts above said it all.

    Multiplayer - no idea, I was never able to use it, can't connect to anyone. Although I can easily play any MP game and use MP in any other game engines.

    No offence to Ashley but he keeps adding "new" things and then forgets about them. And like Tokinsom said "Ashley is so against "reinventing the wheel" yet does it all the time.

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  • I'm still hopeful about the Tilemap object. Like I said here, there are little things that would make it significantly more useful.

    I (and I think like many of us here) don't want more features, I want updates - updates to all the little things that make C2, not big additions that get placed on the backburner after release.

    It would be amazing to see Ashley take some of the 3rd party plugins and integrate them with C2, rather than an "oh, there's already an alternative, if you need xyz feature, use that one" stance.

  • Full Box2d Web physics, instead of the current physics setup which is limited like a demo version.

    Spritefont+ made native.

    A Tween behavior like LiteTween.


    I'd love to see improvement to tilemap, but I don't think it's realistic to expect any UI revisions til C3. In my case, I don't use tiles as often as some, but when I do, I make my own 'in-game' editor depending on my needs.

    On the other hand, the addition of Litetween/Spritefont+/Paster would be enormously helpful, and wouldn't require any monkeying with the UI.

    Litetween would probably top my list, because it is just so crazy useful, and would be easy to maintain since all it does is manipulate values.

    I don't think these need to wait til C3...especially if it's going to be 1-2 years before we get our hands on it.

  • ....Paster...

    How did I forget to mention this?!

    I would also like a way to adjust the rgb on a sprite NOT using webgl.

  • TiAm Picking tiles from the layout wouldn't require any work on the UI, really...just zooming, which I still don't think is that necessary. Also people keep saying "I just build my own editor when using tiles" but I find it very hard to believe it's anything er...worthwhile...given our options. Do you use sprites acting as tiles or what?

  • I used the tilemap object. I've never needed any particularly sophisticated tools, so maybe my case isn't a good example. In the game I'm thinking of, IIRC, I had auto-tiling for a couple tiles types (not gonna lie, that was difficult since I hadn't dealt with bitwise logic previously), plus copy/cut/paste function, and horz/vert flip. That's about it.

    Unfortunately, that code is not very modular (early project), so I can't exactly strip it out easily for a demo capx. Also, I never worked on a way to migrate levels back into the editor, which, I can imagine, would take some doing.

    EDIT: Okay, so here's an idea: A "Load Tilemap" option in the Tilemap object Properties. It let's us specify a project file that contains JSON representing a C2 tilemap. Then we can create tilemaps with an in-game editor, export as JSON, and bring the new layout back into C2 with minimal fuss. Couldn't this be done within the scope of C2?

  • I'd like to see an auto-update option for tilemaps if you're importing tmx files.. I don't like having to re-import the same file every-time I make a change in an external editor.

  • Multiplayer - no idea, I was never able to use it, can't connect to anyone. Although I can easily play any MP game and use MP in any other game engines.

    To sort some things out, I want to revert that one sentence.

    Few minutes ago I received an email from my ISP that "everything should be ok now"... and it is. I can finally use multiplayer plugin

  • Tilemap is useless for me, can't get rid of the seams... so it seems useless to me (pardon the pun)

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