Construct 3 idea- support vector graphics (SVG)

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  • Direct manipulation in realtime? Not really practical at this point, IMHO.

    Got to say though, having the ability to load an svg and bake it into a sprite would be freaking awesome just for the space savings on certain kinds of graphics (eg., complex gradients). Also for creating 'generative' sprites and textures.

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  • Imagine interpolating splines in real time.

    Kinda blows the wheels off multi object animations, and even sprite deformations.

  • If you want to use SVG, use inkscape to convert SVG to PNG at a middleish resolution. There is a problem, I think, with some phones especially with limited GPU memory. Some other tools get round this by having multiple resolutions of graphics and loading one which is the best fit post scaling to fit the browser space.

    It would probably be better to have realtime 3D rendering of a model without any animation or skeleton work or similar - so just render it from a particular viewpoint. WebGL is designed to do this pretty much.

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