What would make Construct 2 different from others?

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  • I chose to use Construct because it was a sexy, easy and mainly free game maker tool (That's also why I give some of my time to build free plugins...)

    For Construct 2, I will have to pay for it.

    So, what would make Construct 2 different or better than other game maker tools like Torque or GMM?

    Why should I wait for paying a time limited version of Construct 2 and not directly pay 99$ for Torque (with unlimited time of use by the way)?

  • Hi Sglorz,

    There is a thread on this:

    But in summary:

    • Aiming to make it the most stable platform out there
    • Multiple exporters (HTML5 first, then editor will support any number of other specialised exporters)
    • XML data format, this will make it a lot easier for you and groups of people to manage their data/backups etc
    • Project folder structure
    • Improved interface, a lot easier to use, a lot better looking and a lot more functional

    And lots more planned. We really are aiming to make it the best 2d games making tool out there.

    With Construct 2 as well, we are going to be focussing a lot more on the community as well, with a great new website on the way.

  • Also, with the proposed business model, the program is not time limited. You buy it, it's yours. With the purchase, you get two years of new versions. After those two years, the program is still yours.

  • Ok thanks.

    It's seem to be great, but not the licensing model, especially for people like me who build free addons or games in their spare time.

  • [quote:2cafhups]30 day demo

    • free and fully functional
    • nag screen after demo expires
    • no DRM/copy protection
    • probably a couple of months time lag before new features become available in demo

    There's a free version, it only has nag screens and doesn't have all the updates right away..

  • Yes right, but I'd rather have an Open Source application where I can contribute, have all functionalities available, don't have annoying nag screen, etc.

    I agree to pay for that kind of tools as soon as I make money with it.

  • With C2, we're aiming to build the best game creator in the world. We want it to be the fastest, easiest to use and most powerful of all of them. That's why I think you'd choose C2. We've still got a lot to do ahead of us though.

    Software of that quality takes a lot of time and dedication to create. C0.x was done as a part time project, which is part of the reason it didn't reach those goals as well as everyone had hoped. In an ideal world, we'd be able to both devote all our resources to C2 to make it the best quality program possible, and still give it away for free. Unfortunately we have bills to pay! Either we don't spend that much time on it and don't reach those goals, or we take the plunge and go full time on it, in which case free software just doesn't make economic sense.

    As Arima said it's not time limited, it lasts forever, and you get upgrades for a certain time. I think the pricing of the proposed licensing model still makes it a good deal for everyone.

  • With C2, we're aiming to build the best game creator in the world.

    If this goal is reached I'm a customer

  • Maybe I should qualify that with "best event-based/non-programming game creator in the world"

  • hey ash, I still think it'd make a huge difference, psychologically, that you called the first complete version 2.0, and set benchmarks for what you would call 3.0, 4.0 etc. Make them legitimate goals, but don't have set time limits. it's not like photoshop is a totally different program each time they increment.

    It would be the exact same business model, except it could be phrased much more attractively:

    When you purchase Construct 2, you get two years of free upgrades, so you're future proofed if Construct 3 rolls around during that time, you won't have to repurchase. Even better : new features of Construct 3, such as Android Export and iPhone export, and Directx11 and Stereoscopic 3d support for the windows runtime, will be released as they are completed, so you don't have to wait for a future release date to start using them. Any updates you have received in this way during those 2 years you get to keep, even if you don't purchase the next version.

  • By offering a pay-what-you-think-it's-worth-model, instead of a set price.

    (when it has (almost) reached a point near the current state of Construct 0.x)

    (might work on restaurants, in a small scale)

    http://www.techdirt.com/articles/201010 ... king.shtml

    One websites said that in the restaurant example, you need to create a situation where you feel being watched and obligated to pay, or not to walk away without paying.

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  • The problem with pay-what-you-want is if we don't have major upgrades, we're effectively granting infinite licenses that last forever for all versions of the software. That's not really sustainable - even traditional licensing generally asks you to pay again at the next major version.

  • Example text to include with updates:

    "Remember, Construct 2 uses the pay-what-you-think-it's-worth-model.

    So far, 82% of all registered users on the forum have paid, using this model.

    If you're a new user: pay any price, considering the complete package that Construct 2 now is.

    If you're an existing user of C2: how much do you think this update is worth to you? (this might be a lower amount of money, since you already experienced the above mentioned situation)"

  • (...) Either we don't spend that much time on it and don't reach those goals, or we take the plunge and go full time on it, in which case free software just doesn't make economic sense. (...)

    I prefer that you don't spend that much time on it (part time) and don't reach those goals.

    It worked for C0.x.

  • Is it fair for you to ask Ash to work part time on it, so you can avoid paying the price of the license?

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