Construct 2 Competition!

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  • newt nice game concept!! :)

  • gonzdevour : nice entries !

    Your team have produced a brilliant work.

    Some quirks though, on Firefox 7.0 on my configuration, planet defense lagged a lot (also no option to turn the sound off it seems, it's a shame, the canon shoot becomes quickly annoying and might be a cause of the FPS drops too).

    Same lags with Mantchet.

    But I really appreciated the art work and the representation/orientation of the games.

    Good pro work (big up to rexrainbow).

  • Kyatric

    I use chrome to test gonzdevour's game. It's very smooth in my computer.

    It seems the performance in firefox is very different with in chrome.

  • rexrainbow

    Just wanted to bop in and say "thanks" for your plugin contributions, Rex. They've really improved the usability of my entry so far :)

  • is it possible if theres a little bit of lag in the game

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  • Hi Everyone! Ok here's is my game for the competition and my first game made with Construct 2. All sprites are made by me! The main release will feature 8 levels (wich i'll do later! & and when I find the money to buy the full release! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">)

    There's still a freaking lot of work to do here and mainly i gotta adjust the level layout so that it can be more fun!

    But since I'm working like hell at my day job, I only had 3 days to make everything working!

    So I only got 1 level ready for the competition!(More to come after it!!)

    Tested in Chrome and Firefox, only issue I got is the frigging sound loading in chrome on the first play!

    Well boys and girls this is it! Tell me what you think!!!!!

    A- Escape from the Space Giants


    C- Canada

  • calyston00 The sound loaded for me in chrome on the first play, and by the way cool game.

  • Thank Wink!

    I think ive found why i got this problem! Is there a 64bit version of chrome? Because if there is im not using it

  • No, I don't think there is but you should check to see if your chrome is up to date. They just released Chrome 15 with hardware accelerated canvas about 6 hours ago.

  • Hi there! My entry is, believe it or not, my very second game using C2.

    The Majestic Dance of the Interstellar Wrecking Balls

    A. The Majestic Dance of the Interstellar Wrecking Balls


    C. Australia

    Let it be known that the game is sloppy and mostly untested. I tried it in Chrome (with hardware acceleration) and it runs great, but since I developed it while testing in Firefox with hardware acceleration disabled (I forget why), it wasn't exactly made under the best testing conditions. So, I recently twiddled with some of the physics forces to slow them down to make it playable at the ultra fast speed it now runs in Chrome... but this may have broken it for those running it without hardware acceleration.

    Anyway, I've basically run out of time to fix these issues so I'll just say: Play it in Chrome, or if you feel like testing other browsers, be warned it will probably be crap, but hopefully not forever.

  • Is it ok, if I submit the URL to my game if its through my wordpress blog entry? (I prefer this so I can use Google Analytics, heh)

  • As far as I know yes you can

  • Yes as long as the link is the the WP blog entry itself not the blog front page!

  • Yes as long as the link is the the WP blog entry itself not the blog front page!

    Yes, that is what I was going to do, to the blog entry itself.

    a) Space Racer


    c) United States

  • HappyFrog

    Game - HappyFrog



    First game :-) and Happy Birthday

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