Construct 2 Coin Op Jam

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  • ArcadEd

    which OS?

  • Windows.

  • ArcadEd - Check your e-mail. I've sent something.

  • Got it, thanks!

  • ArcadEd - Your welcome.

  • I know the results for the jam are not in yet, but I wanted to take some time and give a little bit of feedback for each entry. Please don't take offense, I'm just trying to help. . I wish I had more time to go into each game, but please contact me if you have any questions about anything I wrote.

    I'm not sure the best way to post this, so I am just going to copy and paste it here. In no particular order.


    Heli War - Great Graphics, and I love the controls. Since it is only Multiplayer it really hard to test and get a good feel for the game. I'll be playing it on my stream with a friend this week, so hopefully I can get you some better feedback, if you want it.

    Gradient Run - Great Controls, plays like an old arcade game. Obviously adding some sound will take the game up a level. My only gripe was the game was a bit too easy, making your games last too long. Arcade games always seemed to start out hard to get your quarters, but as you begin to master the game, you could play for longer and longer. I know this is a far cry from what gaming has become today. Great work, and please continue to grow this game.

    Super Galaxy Start Busters - Great graphics and sound. This really felt like an older arcade game for sure. From the title screen, to the bad translation. Excellent work! I'm really looking forward to playing this on stream with a friend. As far as single player goes, you have some great AI going, the only thing missing is a score to brag to your friends about.

    UFOnator - Great game, great feeling of an old arcade game from the title screen to game play. Hard, but you feel like you improve with each play. Makes you want to keep sticking in quarters to get the high score. Love the scanlines!

    The Magnificent Exorcist - Amazing game. Was polished and fun to play. I kept coming back over and over to try and beat my score. The repel doesn't seem to work on enemies once they are past their initial large size, but that is the only thing I found wrong with the game. It wasn't even a big deal, I just kept playing. Really, really amazing work.

    Dark and Dreadful Tower -Great graphics and I really love the concept of the game. The controls could be tightened up. I found myself getting frustrated with that part of the game a bit. No scoring element to the game was my biggest issue though. Maybe having a timer for each level and the faster the level is completed the more bonus to get. Adding sound will also help add a lot to the game. Great work!

    B-ASIK - Great start, and with more work this could be really fun game. Keep at it. You have a fun idea here that you could really flesh out into a great game. I love the defender sound effects

    Ninja Climber - Good start and I see this shaping up to be a really fun game with some work. I read you only had a few days to work on it, and I think you did a great job in that short amount of time. Keep at it.

    Riverandom - Game is extremely hard. I constantly got hit by the object from the side at the very beginning. You just need to give the player a little bit of time before throwing stuff at them. The other issue I had was there were constantly enemies on the fuel refills making it really hard to get on them. Plus the fact that you can shoot the fuel, means you could never really clear off the enemy as you would just shoot the fuel first. Controls are good and has that coin op feel with the high score leadboard. Keep at it, I think this could be a really fun remake.

    Reckstaug - Really great start to a platformer. There was a bug I ran into where falling platforms wouldn't reset after death, making it impossible to move forward in the game. I love the graphics and the sounds. You did an amazing job with the time allowed and keep at it.

    Under Four Walls - Fun game, a tad buggy (Big zombie came in from the right walking backwards.) The controls can use some work, but a great start for sure. I love the game concept, just tighten up the controls and I think you really have something great here.

    Cube Pop - I love the opening grid pattern, very authentic . This feels a lot like a classic arcade game. I love it. Could work on the ball physics a bit and maybe making the difficulty ramp up more quickly, but a joy to play. I kept coming back over and over trying to beat my score.

    Space Adventure - Great concept. Might be cool if you have a button to shoot left and a button to shoot right, but it is fun how it is. Very old school. Sound is great as well. The only bummer was you can't see your score after you die, so when competing with a friend you can't see who got a better score unless you look really fast just before dying.

    No Joy Go - Very fun game. I like the idea of the floating and clicking the ship to change direction. The one death game over is a great as well considering how long a game can last. My only issue was the fact that the game only works with mouse controls.

    Virus Blaster - Very fast, but fun to play. The score isn't really displayed at the end of the game, which would have been nice to see. Controls are tight and graphics and sound are superb.

    Space Jack - Amazing game play and great sound and graphics too. Fighting for that top score makes the game fun to play. I love the addition of trying to get the stars in order. Great way to motivate the player to try for the high score. Might be fun to add a timer to each level as well, making the player a little more frantic.

    Flag da Tank - This would be a really fun 4 player local co-op game. The controls need some work as it seems like you are stopping and starting back up a lot. Great sounds and graphics. Love level 2 where the bullets start bouncing. Keep on this, it's like a sweet new 4 player COMBAT!

    Medusa - WOW! Amazing graphics, unique game play, it just feels like an old arcade game. I kept putting in quarters to try and get a higher score and get farther in the game. Amazing job. This should be a mini-game in Coin-Op Story .

    Calzone of Duty - Great concept, could use some work but I like the "tapper" type of game play. I had some issues with the controls as they don't seem to match up to what the instructions say. Or I just didn't get it. I'm going to play it more on my arcade cabinet with a friend.

    Beat the streets - Good start, needs a lot of work, but you got the basics down. Keep at it!

  • ArcadEd

    Dark and Dreadful Tower

    great feedback, my bad about the controls and the score system , the game have a score system but only shows at the end of the tower

    it was a really nice jam, i'm already working in a new game using my jamgame as a base

  • ArcadEd Thank you!

    Hiding minigames like that in CoinOp Story is not a bad idea! I will think about it.

  • I will be doing my judging on the GameJolt versions of the game to make sure everything is fair. However, I am going to do a special stream where I play all of these games and it would much easier for me to play a stand alone exe of them. If you would, you can send me a link or zip to your EXE exported version to and I can use that version instead to play on the stream later this week.

    I've worked it out to where I can remap controls on my arcade cabinet to match what you used for your game, so I can make sure I am all setup with each game before the stream.

    i sent you the 2 exe of the game under the wall 32bits in the mail and the 64bits version is in the game jolt page.

    with my other mail because i had problem with hotmail.

  • KaMiZoTo Yes, this! Medusa would be a fantastic bonus to unlock in Coin Op Story.

    Also, it's pretty easy to import a C2 project in another one using copy/paste of objects, variables and events sheets : )

  • ArcadEd

    Good valuations, a great contest.

    Good luck to all participants.

    KaMiZoTo , I was really impressed with your work, congratulations.

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  • ArcadEd - I know you'll love the opening grid, I like it too. I got this idea from the inspiration of the grid pattern in most Namco games when they boot up.

    KaMiZoTo - Make your game a minigame for Coin-Op Story, it might attract more gamers like us! I'm also plan to make my game as one of the mini-games in my new Android game, which I'll develop it after I finished Perry World (but if I have a solution for the ball's straight-bouncing).

  • but if I have a solution for the ball's straight-bouncing).

    On what ever code you have it to bounce ( i assume on collision) have a variable record the previous angle, if the new angle is oldangle + or - 180 have it set the angle to add a random number within like 20-30. should stop the straight up and down.

    Super Galaxy Start Busters - Great graphics and sound. This really felt like an older arcade game for sure. From the title screen, to the bad translation. Excellent work! I'm really looking forward to playing this on stream with a friend. As far as single player goes, you have some great AI going, the only thing missing is a score to brag to your friends about.

    Thank you, reading this made me feel great.

    The game is sort of a mash up of war tech senko no ronde as well as zero wing (bad translations) and clasic neogeo fighting games. really was a blast trying to recreate the type of games i loved as a kid.

    The AI was rushed and has flaws but he did his job, I hope all the extra game functions were easily found. (shield deflecting back bullets, megaman style charge shot, locking on and disengaging lock on to shoot the asteroids as well and shield deflecting the asteroids to launch them at the enemy player and the pick ups.)

    Making a score system would have been really fun, I think me and my teammate are going to add the extra features we planned on having (like 4 distinctly different ships, multiple rounds, and online vs mode)

    If anything though the 3 and a half days i poured into making this were some of the absolute best i've had in years.

    I haven't had much time to do anything game dev related in almost 2 years. so this game jam had me knocking off all the rust accumulated from not using C2 at all in months and even longer for anything complicated.

    I picked up some new skills along the way of getting back my old set. who knew photoshop was a good pixel art program for fast pixel art when on a time constraint.

    Dan fesslers HD index Painting tutorial helped me make my large scale galaxy backgrounds while not wasting hours dot by dot pixel pushing.

    a must read for anyone who wants a fast result that looks decent, just like digital painting but get a nice retro look.

  • ArcadEd

    Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

    This was a very fun jam to participate in.

  • I'm not sure if Game Jolt notifies anyone that the results are in, but they are.

    Congrats to everyone that entered! Great work everyone, I really had a blast judging. Saturday night I am doing my stream playing these games on my arcade cabinet.

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