Construct 2 Camera Scroll on Forms produces a lag effect on HTML Elements

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  • So what am I supposed to do to fix it? It looks terrible.

  • I thought that last example capx I made was fixing it. It was for me at least. It bypasses how the textbox is positioned the next frame by instead positioning it directly.

    If that doesn’t work or it isn’t a usable solution then filing a bug report in the official way would be a good path to a solution.

  • R0J0hound That is SO AWESOME!! wow, that has bugged me for ages! Your example completely eliminates the lag on desktop. It does still lag on my iphone and ipad.

    THANK YOU R0J0hound!!

    I made a couple of tweaks... clamp the textboxexs to the viewport so they scroll on and off the screen a little better, and position the textboxes within C2 before setting the CSS position (this also eliminates the lag when the textboxes are "pinned" to an element that has drag and drop). So, in my example you can scroll the window, or drag the page around - WITH NO LAG (on desktop).

    cybertron7 If you want to do this on mobile, you are pretty much out of luck. About the best you can do is make a "fake" input box under the real one and use CSS to make the real textbox transparent with no borders. Then the box does not appear to lag - but the text inside it still does (but I think this looks significantly better).

    The ONLY other option is to completely make your own input system... I tried to do that last year and ALMOST got it working... you have to make your own cursor, method to select and delete text. But you can't access the system clipboard, you have to make your own keyboard, so no spell checking, no word suggestions, etc...

    you can get my updated version of R0J0hounds example here:

  • Wow, what a great demo. It certainly looks clean in browser...

    I'll see what happens if I apply this to mobile app...

    Fingers crossed.

  • cybertron7 Just tried my example on my daughters phone - a new LG android phone, and there was no lag. My iPhone still lags, but it is a very old 5s...

    then I decided to try it on my wife's ancient Galaxy S4, surprisingly, I could not see any lag there either! So, R0J0hound's fix works well for Desktops and Androids... just need to test on a newer iPhone.


    I can confirm that this method works.

    I guess I'll have to rebuild the ENTIRE scroll system... but if it works it works.

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  • Alright, so this method of scrolling with JUST updating the position on every tick, is MUCH smoother.

    The text still bounces, but I haven't tried to update the CSS yet. I expect positive results.



    You can't change the CSS OR POSITION of an checkbox field.

    More fucking work because Construct. Fuck.

  • UGHHH FUCK C2 just crashed. Back to the start.

  • Fanstastic... even without the CSS updates, manually setting the positions every tick has DRAMATICALLY improved scrolling.

    While insane, I'm happy to have a decent resolution. It's not perfect... but the app runs much smoother.

    Had to create my own checkbox system....

  • Ended up abandoning C2/C3 for this project.

  • You could ask for an official version of the list object that doesn't use the dom:

    Then again you could have made one yourself using the objects I suggested in the lapsed time.

    Just saying.

  • I did. It STILL lags on mobile.

    Edit: Oh -- yes I see what you're saying but, no. I don't have time for my paying client to screw around with experimental things that SHOULD be standard. It's 2018.

    Has no one at C3 tried scroll with DOM elements? Bizzarre.

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