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  • Just an idea....But the game that I like the most from the construct classic commercial is the one with the guy who can get in and out of mechs, do cartwheels and shows how he sets up walls and rooms, ect. It would be awesome to have a similar graphical set for construct 2 users who want to make a similar type of game to work with and alter if they like. I would love to play that game but not sure where to find it! Anyway a game like that would be another great way to showcase construct 2 even more if people who purchase it have ready access to similar graphics to make one of their own for practice....Anyways this is just a thought, I hope you all like it though!

    Here is a link to the game I mention....

    P.S. if anyone knows where I can get to play a demo of it let me know please, thanks!

  • You know there's a free bundle of music, graphics, sound etc. with Construct 2? And that you get even more once you bought a license? Or were you looking for something else?

  • Well you commented before that new graphic sprite packs will be added later on for people who purchase construct and I thought a sprite pack similar to the game I mentioned above would be an awesome addition....or at the very least, can someone at least point me in the direction of the demo or free online version if there is one, that game looks awesome!

  • Cool video. This is a construct-classic creation though, you're aware of it, right ?

    I remember having played the "mech" guy (downloaded as a full exe).

    I don't remember that there was a .cap out of it though. And it probably stands in the "your creations" section of the forum.

    Apparently, those graphics belong to the person who made this game and who chose not to share them.

  • well my suggestion was that someone on the Scirra Team could make graphics for a similar game that could be part of the graphics pack, thats all! So not those particular graphics but something similar would be cool!

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  • That would mean more work for the scirra team. Hmmm... Would they(you if any of you read this) accept "User bundles"? Where we, the users submit graphics for a bundle.

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