The or condition

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  • That's awesome Ashley, thanks for looking into it

    I also like Arima idea here about combining multiple condition.

    right now just to achieve something as simple as:

    (Condition 1 OR Condition 2) AND (Condition 3 OR Condition 4)
    (Condition 1 AND Condition 2) OR (Condition 3 AND Condition 4)

    it will need multiple event, making it harder to read.

    If we can just combine that condition in 1 block it would be suh-weeett...

  • thank you gents,

    i was afraid i was losing i think i'll hold off on answering questions and just stick to reading the forum. i think i was more of a hinderance to arima [or] anyone [else] reading it, than a

  • Hey, no worries harrio, don't let it discourage you from being involved on the forum!

  • Arima - I deliberately went with the "Or block" design because it is very simple. Allowing multiple conditions between ORs becomes significantly more complicated, both in the editor's rules for valid events, the usability and in the runtime engine. So I opted for something simple which is easy to use and robust.

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  • Thanks Ashley,

    this will make my code half or less size than the actual, because the logic behind OR, ELSE, etc are made to compact the codes. Nothing wrong with the old system, but these conditions make easy and faster Our job.

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