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  • This competition is such a huge motivation for Scirra. I can't wait to see a new (sponsored?) competition with good prizes!

  • How about a winter themed competition come end of the year?

  • I can't say when the next one will be I'm afraid!

  • We've just announced the winners, well done everyone who won and thank you to all the great entries!


  • Hoho, congrats to Yann (and the others). Sure he did shamelessly "borrow" a dozen of my ideas (don't worry, this is like an inside joke), but it's nicely done and certainly shows what C2 can do.

    Looking forward to the next compo, hope you manage to cook one up soon.

  • Well done guys.

    I'm having some trouble with "Can't turn it off". The text frequently appears outside the bubble and the character keeps getting stuck in invisible walls.

    I'm on latest safari.

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  • Already did on PM but I think I'll publicly say thanks to all the scirra Team for their work, and to Ash and Tom for chosing my entry.

    I hope there you will repeat this kind of contest from time to time

    Here are the two books I bought with the Voucher :

    Making Video Games from Marc Albinet (my game design teacher when I was still a student last year)

    I want to read both this book and the one I won to have many input on how to make good video games. 'Cause at the moment I only have my teacher's verbal teachings in memory.

    And Color an Light from James Gurney 'cause he is just awesome

    So thanks again :D

    *returns to work*

    Oh and I tried the 2 other games that won, kastras's one had a nice idea for the attack move, it made attacking fun to do.

    And I like the laser one, I made the same kind of instant laser on cc, but I'd like to know how Animmaniac did his. Also I tried it on a platformer without much success so you did great, the idea of continuous laser is neat.

  • Congrats to the winners and to everyone that entered!

    I enjoyed the pressure of working to a deadline to be honest and having to push it to completion in that time, it was definitely an enjoyable learning experience.

    Definitely a lot of variety in the entries and that's great!

  • What, that means I got 4th place? To say that Paper Planets scored fourth on this awesome list of GREAT games feels like a win already!

    Thanks Tom, Ashley and everyone at Scirra's!

    And thanks A LOT to everyone that played the game and liked! (The ones that didn't like, you only get a simple thanks, unless you tell me why, please please please? <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />).

    By the way, that means we can work on improving the games now (meaning publish the improved game), or we need to wait for the public choice?

    Thanks again, A lot!!

  • Yes, leparlon .. sounds like you are the winner of the no-reward-games =D grats =))

  • I'm really happy with so many people working with creative projects.

  • Hey, what was the entry where you play the space aliens flying saucer sucking up cows, and people and trying to avoid getting shot by the farmers. I played it once then now can't find it again!! Really fun game.

  • scidave: Fimbul - Impulse cracker" poll D

  • I think I may have picked the most challenging type of game to design, lol.

  • It was great competition :)

    Hopefully the next one will be announced soon but we'll have a bit more time in the next round :D

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